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tv   Today  NBC  January 20, 2010 7:00am-11:00am EST

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good morning. breaking news. this morning, haiti rocked by yet another strong aftershock, a magnitude 6.1, sending people fleeing into the streets, as more survivors, including two children, are pulled from the rubble o last week's quake. revolution in massachusetts. a little-known republican wins ted kennedy's old senate seat, a major upset and a body blow for the democrats and president obama. is it the end of the road for his health care reform plan? this morning, senator-elect scott brown is with us exclusively. and manhunt. police in virginia desperately searching for a man accused of gunning down eight people, and they've surrounded a wooded area where they believe he's hiding
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today, wednesday, january 20th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm meredith vieira. and more bad news out of haiti. that aftershock that struck just after 6:00 a.m. eastern time was 36 miles outside of port-au-prince, and it is believed to be the strongest aftershock since last week's quake. >> as you might imagine, it rattled a lot of nerves in an already devastated country, sending people screaming and running outside, including nbc's lester holt, who is there. lester, what was it like? how long did it last? >> reporter: well, we were just discussing that. you know, it's hard to know how long it lasted. our guess is 15 to 20 seconds. i was on the second floor of the structure we're using here where our satellite and transmission facilities are, sitting at a desk, and it started rattling.
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i said "here we go," everybody bolted out the door, down a spiral staircase, out through the courtyard to the street. interestingly enough, we just briefed this last night, our nbc team, said what will we do in the event of a quake, where will we meet each other? and also, people who are living in the city in buildings that have been precarious, you know, they didn't collapse in the initial quake. we have had no further word of further damage or casualties. we're sending our teams out. i'll be going out a bit later to survey. immediately around us, we haven't seen further damage. craig white, the cameraman who's shooting me right now, who was on the street at the time, says you could hear people screaming. they are living in fields around us. frankly, most people are not indoors because of the fear o aftershocks. we originally lived in a field when this operation began, but we had moved inside. however, a lot of us, myself
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included, have been living outside in tents because of fear of further aftershocks. so, it got our attention. we're fine. there's no further damage around us. i can't speak for what may be happening elsewhere in the city. we hope to find out as the day progresses, matt. >> lester, thanks very much. wee happy everybody's okay. lester also has some great stories of survival, including those two children pulled from the rubble on tuesday. we're going to check back in with lester and find out more about that in just a couple minutes. meanwhile, back home, another big story that we are covering this morning. republican scott brown winning ted kennedy's senate seat in a major upset in reliably democratic ssachusetts. we'll have an exclusive interview with senator-elect brown in just a moment, but first, the latest from nbc's kelly o'donnell. kelly, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, redith. democrats are in disbelief and republicans suddenly inspired by the words senator-elect scott brown. he won by five points, and that has both parties saying, if it can happen here, what's next for the president and the democratic party?
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politically unthinkable only weeks ago. >> this is the people's seat! >> reporter: massachusetts delivered the upset of upsets. >> tonight the independent voice of massachusetts has spoken! >> reporter: republican scott brown described his momentum-fueled victory as a warning shot t washington and the democrats in charge. >> when there's trouble in massachusetts, rest assured, there's trouble everywhere, and they know it. >> reporter: first to feel that sting was democrat martha coakley, who tumbled from being seen by voters as inevitable to out of touch in just days. >> there will be plenty of wednesday morning quarterbacking. >> reporter: heartbroken, she said, coakley sealed herself for the democrats blame game. >> i know how hard we worked. >> reporter: among her thank yous, a wincing reminder for
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democrats that her defeat is the president's, too. >> he just called me before i went on stage to say that we can't win them all. >> reporter: president obama's 11th-hour stump for coakley put his own political wattage on the line, and he took a few shots at brown's often seen pickup truck. >> i think long and hard about getting in that truck with martha's opponent. it might not take you where you want to go. >> that'sefinitely a guy's truck. >> reporter: mr. obama called to congratulate brown. >> when i spoke to the president, the first thing i said, would you like me to drive the truck down to washington so you can see it? >> reporter: brown ran and won, promising to put the brakes on the president's health care reform. >> people do not want the trillion-dollar health care plan that is being forced -- >> reporter: that issue, health care, was the unfulfilled dream of the late ted kennedy, and brown paid tribute. >> there's no replacing a man likethat, but tonight i honor the memory and i pledge to be the very best and try to be a worthy successor.
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>> reporter: and there were chants in that room of "seat him now," and senate majority leader harry reid says he will welcome brown to the senate and will get him sworn in as soon as the paperwork is in order. and interestingly, senator-elect brown did not talk about being a republican. instead, he framed this all as being about indendence. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you very much. senator-elect brown is with us for an interview. good morning and congratulations to you. >> good morning. i'm glad to be here. >> you know, a lot of political pundits this morning are going to be falling all over each other trying to figure out how it is a republican took ted kennedy's seat, even though you have said repeatedly that it is the people's seat but since you're the one that did it, let me ask you -- do you think your victory was a result of missteps by your opponent or did you tap into something that the democrats didn't get about the voters? >> well, i don't really think about what she did, i just focus on what i did, and that is to just talk about the issues.
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you know, terror and taxes and the health care plan. there were so many things at play here in massachusetts. i don't think it was anything that she did, but we worked very, very hard and went after every single vote. >> but why do you think the voters responded to you as much as they did? >> well, i traveled throughout the state. while they were in the middle of their primary, i went door to door, went out to the berkshires of central massachusetts and made sure we could get every single vote, and people enjoyed the message, because when you talk about a health care plan that's not good for our state versus a one size fits all plan with, you're going to cut half a trillion from medicare, affect tri-care and raise taxes. people are hurting right now and they thought we could do better. >> during the campaign, you were referred to as 41, the reference being that if you were elected, you would be the 41st republican in the senate and put an end to the democrats' supermajority, and you said you'd like to be the decisive vote to block health care reform. so, is that number one on your agenda when you get to washington?
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>> no. the first thing i'm going to do when i get to washington is go and meet everybody, both democrat and republican -- >> but once you get done with that. >> establish that -- well, once i get done with that, whatever bill comes up, i'll look at it and make my own decision, but if it is the health care bill, we already have 98% of our people insured here already in massachusetts, so, we do not need the plan that's being pushed upon us. we would have lesser care, longer lines and pay higher taxes and it makes no sense. >> you may not need it because you and the people of massachusetts are insured, but what about the people in the rest of the country? >> well, i think we should allow the states to do what's important for their own states, have the federal government incentivize those individual states. and while i believe everybody should have insurance, i initially have to look out for our state. and when we're already going to be paying higher fees with our plan and then pay higher fees for a plan that doesn't work at all for us, i think we can do better. >> there's been discussion the senate could vote on health care before you are certified. do you feel they have an obligation to wait until you are
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in the senate to take up the issue again? >> well, i'm obviously -- that's up to the leadership in the senate. i think, though, if they use some political moves and do it without having to go back and forth without proper votes, i think come midterm elections, people will be very concerned and they'll remember. >> on a personal note, you said last night the first call you made after your victory was to ted kennedy's widow, vicki. >> that's right. >> how comfortable was that for both of you knowing you're going to do whatever you can to derail what ted kennedy called the cause of his lifetime which is health care reform? >> first of all, you're misrepresenting. i never said i was going to do everything i can to stopealth care. i believe everybody should have health care, it's just a question of how we do it. do we do a one size fits all plan? do we allow the states to get more invold and do what we did? the call to mrs. kennedy was very nice. i felt it was important to call her because i've known mr. and mrs. kennedy for a while. i've worked with them for many, many years, and he was, as you
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know, a living legend, and had a great sense of humor and i enjoyed that especially about him as well as the constituent services in washington. >> senator, let me ask you, you are a republican, but during the campaign, you referred to yourself as a scott brown republican. what does that mean? >> right. well, it means somebody who's always been accountable and attentive and independent thinker and voter and looking at every single issue on its merits, whether it's a good democrat idea or a good republican idea. and i've been doing this -- i've been in, what, 19 years as an assessor, selectman, state rep, state senator, taking over 6,000 votes. that coupled with my military record, being 30 years as a lieutenant colonel, i'm a different kind of republican. i've always just wanted to go down and solve the problem, regardless of party. and while they're in washington talking about what someone said in a book a what this happened -- we have some very serious problems when it comes to overtaxation, overspending and al qaeda, who are trying to kill us. so, we need to get back to the basics and start solving problems that affect every person in this country.
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>> you know, bigger picture here. some have said that this is a referendum on the president himself, this election. do you agree with that? do you think it is? >> no. it's bigger than that. it really -- for us in our area -- we have three speakers that were indicted, three senators that have resigned in disgrace, we have out-of-control taxation, spending in massachusetts. you couple that with what's being proposed nationally, people are angry. they're tired of the backroom deals. they want transparency, they want good government, they want fairness and they want people to start working and solving their problems. >> talking about people being angry, before i let you go, last night during your victory speech, at one point you introduced your daughters and you said one of them was available and the other was not, and there was a moment where the girls kind of cringed and your wife gave you a look. i'm the mother of teenagers myself, so i know the drill here. what kind of grief did you get when you got home? >> well, we all have a sense of humor. you have to have a sense of humor in politicsnd we're a very close family. we kid all the time about, you know, when the boys come in, you know, i'm going toet to know them very, very well.
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so, it was fun. my youngest, obviously, has a great relationship, and ayla, you know, they're young women, they're in college, you know it was fun. we laughed a lot about it. >> senator-elect scott brown, thank you so much for your time, and again, congratulations and good luck in washington. >> well, thank you very much. i'm honored to be on. thank you. >> thank you. it is 7:12, and now with more, here's matt. >> meredith, thanks. so, how big of a body blow is this for president obama and the democrats? david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." david, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> you heard senator-elect scott brown say he won because he took every vote seriously, went out and spoke about the issues. why do you think he won? >> well, a senior white house adviser said last night, look, he ran a great campaign, tapped into that anxiety in the middle class, that sense of alienation, and that's really it. i think there's a lot of people there after the first year of the obama administration who say government still isn't working for me. i still don't have a job, the country's headed in the wrong direction, and there's renewed threats of terrorism around the world. i just don't feel like
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government's in control. i think he taps into all of that, and this is as much about throwing the bums out, matt, as it is about president obama. >> right. so much talk, david, about this election and its impact on health care reform in washington. nancy pelosi said "whatever happens in massachusetts, we will have a health care reform bill and it will be soon." is she being overly optimistic? >> well, the white house is just as committed. the feeling is, there is no way to walk away from health care reform because you'd just be left with the residue, all the bad stuff, the caricature of what it is, what it's not, rather than achieving something real, even if it's scaled down or repackaged. i think that's the direction. the white house is trying to work all that through right now. whether they can get this done before senator-elect brown is seated or whether they have to do something just to kind of trim their sails a little bit to get something a little bit more modest. >> won't they pay a heavy political price, as senator-elect brown said, if they try to do something before he's seated? >> i think they will and i think they know that. democratic aides said to me this morning, the white house is going to have to make a call
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about what kind of hardball they want to play on this. if you look at what the rules say, he can't be seated, getting all the paperwork in, until february 3rd. >> right. >> you know, can they get it done before then? even senator webb, a democrat of virginia, said no more votes until we get brown in there and seated. there will be a lot of pressure. and you heard scott brown say, this will become a huge midterm issue for republicans if they try to push him out. >> and in a few seconds left, you mentioned the midterms. president obama, this isn't the anniversary present he wanted, david. >> no. >> as he celebrates a year in office today. there have been some missteps along the way. his popularity numbers have fallen. what are the lessons he learns from this and can he regroup in time for midterm elections? >> there is one bright side, that he gets the november jolt here in january and can try to recalibrate and try to move to the center little bit more. look, the battleground will be independent voters -- virginia, massachusetts, new jersey -- the independent voters have swung away from president obama and now toward republicans.
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they're uncomfortable with the debt, with health care, with excessive spending. that's what the president has to address. >> david gregory, david, thanks so much. >> thanks, matt. >> it's 14 after the hour. here's meredith. today in haiti, despite this morning's big aftershock, rescuers are searching for survivors in the rubble eight days after that massive quake, and they are finding success as the world tries to rush in supplies to the millions in desperate need of help. we're going to go back to nbc's lester holt in port-au-prince. lester, good morning once again. >> reporter: yeah, meredith, that 6.1 earthquake this morning certainly continued to rattle the psyche of the people here in port-au-prince. already the u.n. says many people have heeded their call to leave the city, if they can, to find shelter with family and friends in less damaged areas outside of the city. people have been living in the street here. they want to take the burden off the distribution of food, also they're worried about a growing humanitarian crisis of the homeless and sanitary issues that come from that. the good news, however, here is that urban search-and-rescue teams, many fm the united
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states, are still finding plenty of work to do. it keeps happening, survivors beating the odds. >> go 90 degrees the opposite way! >> reporter: new york and virginia rescuers dig six hours to find a boy and girl, tiki and sabrina, alive. [ cheers and applause ] pulled from beneath what had been a three-story house. >> you're all right. they're thirsty and they need food. that's about it. >> reporter: it wasn't the only thing people here had to celebrate on tuesday. the arrival of u.s. marines choppering into the capital was met with cheers. they also air-lifted supplies from the "uss battan" to a coastal community that until now had seen little, if any, aid. the u.n. security council added an additional surge of troops to help, where people scavenge what
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they can. but it's not just the hungry getting anxious. relief groups also frustrated, unable to get their supplies here quickly enough. >> haiti wasn't built to accommodate the capacity of incoming people and equipment and materials that are coming into it right now. >> reporter: as the plight of the living grows, there have been wildly varying estimates, as high as 200,000, of the number of dead. the u.s. says a substantial number of americans remain unaccounted for. here's why we'll never know exactly how many people died in the earthquake. we've already told you about those open pits, mass graves, where people are being buried without being identified, and then this. we found this off a road outside town, a garbage dump. we saw interspersed with garbage and debris, human bodies, people who will never be identified. we will never know what their nationalities are either. today the u.s. air force is expected to evacuate hundreds of american citizens who have been anxiously waiting for a chance
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to flee this wounded country. and this morning, most of the 53 haitian orphans who were flown to pennsylvania tuesday are already out of the hospital, soon to be united with their new adoptive parents. for those who remain as concerned over growing homelessness, one aide official told me there are already meetings under way right now to figure out how to establish permanent encampments, where people can be registered and they can more efficiently distribute the food, water and other things they need to survive. meredith? >> such a long way to go. lester holt, thank you so much. >> let us get the rest of the morning's top stories from ann at the news desk. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt and meredith. good morning, everybody. also in the news this morning, a manhunt is under way this morning in central virginia for a man police say shot and killed eight people in appomattox on tuesday. he is also accused of firing on a state police helicopter. officials identify the suspect as christopher speight, but say they still don't know his motive. we have a major recall to
7:19 am
report this morning of strollers in yet another one involving cribs. nbc's tomcostello's at the consumer products safety commission with more on this this morning. tom, what's happening? >> reporter: hi. we're going to begin with that stroller recall. 1.5 million graco strollers are being recalled. here's the concern -- here on the hinge that holds up the canopy, they've had five cases in which children have had their fingertips amputated because of this hinge right here, and many other lacerations. the fix is to put a sleeve -- represented over here -- a sleeve on that hinge. here are the models involved in this particular recall. again, these are graco models. it's the passage, the alano and the spree. they are sold at babies "r" us, toys "r" us, walmart, sears, kmart and other retailers as well. the second one is involving cribs, specifically made by -- it's the dorel asia crib. here's the trouble, the backside slat here has broken. this poses an immediate threat
7:20 am
to children, especially strangulation and suffocation, but there's another risk as well, on the front of the cribs where the drop sides have broken. the consumer products safety commission says it has dozens of cases and some injuries. it also says it has seen one death, although the company refutes that. the cpsc says it was prepared to act if the company didn't come on board voluntarily as well. again, 635,000 of these, and the are also sold at major retailers across the country. ann, back to you. >> all right, tom costello, thank you so much for that information. if you want more information about these recalls, you can go to our website at also in the news this morning, congress is holding hearings today on that attempted plane bombing on christmas day and the intelligence failures leading up to it. top fbi and homeland security officials will be called to testify. overseas markets are mostly lower this morning. we've got cnbc's erin burnett at the new york stock exchange. er erin, good morning. what's the focus there today? >> interestingly, a lot of it will be on scott brown, health care and taxes. a lot of people assume the
7:21 am
health care bill. if he compromised in some way, that could put pressure on stocks. they also want to know whether he would vote for taxes on executive compensation. the headlines will be on earnings. ibm hit it out of the park. bank of america out with numbers th morning and warning that the economy remains fragile. back to you. >> erin, thank you so much. finally, anxious moments tuesday in charleston, west virginia, where a pilot of a us aiays plane aborted takeoff because of a warning signal in the cockpit. he also then stopped about 100 feet from the edge of a cliff. no one, however, was hurt. it is now 7:21. let's now go back to matt and meredith. thank goodness. >> thank goodness is right. >> absolutely. >> scary stuff. >> ann, thank you very much. we want to check in with al roker now. he's been the traveling man, and he's out in southern california where the rains keep coming. al, what's the story? >> we are in la canada flintridge right now, matt and meredith, and this hillside, the mud is coming down. this is a family that basically built retaining walls and also
7:22 am
built a channel to try to keep the mud away from their home, because already they've had tons and tons of mud flow into their backyard, and this is just 1 of almost 500 homes that are under mandatory evacuation. they may be -- in fact, this family is moved out, but of these other almost 500 families are going to have to find other places to live because of all this mud. let's show you what's happening. we've got another storm system coming onshore here in california, heavy rain. rainfall amounts today are going to be somewhere around two to four inches. in the foothills, could be up to six inches. over two feet of snow in the sierras. and then we've also got the first storm that came on shore. that's got right now a risk of strong storms throughout the lower mississippi river valley and the gulf coast. rainfall amounts anywhere from one to four inches of rain with e possibility of tornadoes. so, there's a lot going on today and there's another big sto sto good morning, a cold front
7:23 am
coming through has triggered some rain showers. we're getting a dusting in southern arundel county. snow snow showers, a little bit of sleep and some pockets of snow showers and sleet and rain and farther to the west in >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> all right, al, thank you very much. coming up in our next half hour, questions some people are asking -- is tiger woods getting treatment at a sex rehab clinic in mississippi? we're going to take you there live for an insider's perspective from a
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stl ahead, as president
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obama reels from that big senate loss in massachusetts, a look back at the highs and 7:26 is your time now on this wednesday january 20, 2010. in the news for today, police in virginia say they have surrounded a gunman they believe killed eight people. they say that gunman is 39-year-old christopher speight. officers say he shot at a police helicopter forcing it to land with a ruptured fuel tank. we'll
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turning colder today, a cold front coming in triggering rain showers and sleet and light snow. temperatures are in the mid 30s so it's above freezing throughout the region and it's going to be getting a little sunny later on today, temperatures colder though, only in the low and mid 40s, colder tomorrow, mixed snow and sleet, freezing rain thursday night into friday. how's the traffic. >> things are slow on the capitol beltway, outer loop. and this pace will take you down
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towards tysons, good news is there's no accidents. >> roasting your own c
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7:30 now on this wednesday morning, january 20th, 2010. and you're looking at some of the fine folks who showed up outside our window on the world this morning, and as usual, we will go outside to keep them company in just a little while. meanwhile, inside studio 1a, i'm meredith vieira alongside matt lauer. and coming up in a moment, is tiger woods in sex rehab? there are some reports that he's at a world-renowned facility in mississippi. we're going to look into that, also meet a man who's been there and back and he says it's no picnic. also ahead, you know wt happened a year ago today? >> the inauguration. >> that's right. barack obama took the oath of office. back then, remember, it was a about hope and change.
7:31 am
well, a year later, what a long, strange trip it's been, especially with that big loss in massachusetts last night in the senate race. coming up, we'll look back at the year that was. and later on, could there really be life after death? we're going to meet one guy who says he can prove that it's true. but first, tiger woods, the new professional golf season is under way with the world's number one golfer conspicuously missing. and now there are reports that he's being treated for sex addiction. nbc's ron mott is outside a world-famous sex rehab clinic in mississippi where woods just might be hold up. ron, good morning to you. >> reporter: meredith, good morning to you. this nondescript complex across the street behind me is serving as a magnet, if you will, a tourist attrtion in an instant when it was merely mentioned that tiger woods might have checked in. now there's a lot of speculation fueling whether this is actually true. according to published reports, tiger woods is taking a swing at sex rehab after a parade of women marched on to the front page claiming to have
7:32 am
extramarital affairs with the golf superstar. >> these places are incredibly intense. >> reporter: the author of "america anonymous" a "new york times" contributor and recovering sex addict has visited the treatment center in mississippi where tiger has reportedly turned for help. >> my sources confirmed what other sources reported over the weekend, including the local nbc affiliate in mississippi, that tiger woods has checked himself into the pine grove treatment center in mississippi. >> reporter: from looks alone, pine grove behavioral health and addiction services sits at the polar opposite of the lavish lifestyle woods is more accustomed to, but experts say the low-key location and highly regarded reputation are precisely what makes it attractive for celebrities like woods, especially considering how difficult therapy can be. >> it's very challenging to recover from sex addiction. it is, for many people, it's a lifelong process. >> reporter: much of the prints regarding this latest page-turner in the woods storybook was covered by tv coverage in jackson,
7:33 am
mississippi, in a whimsical odyssey chris talbott took readers on, asking where's tiger? >> everybody wants to talk about it. it's just when no one has any real ideas about whether he's there or not. >> reporter: if nothing else, woods has remained hush-hush privacy since wrecking his cadillac suv in the early-morning hours the day after thanksgiving, but that's not stopped all the chatter about his wife, elin and whether she's moved into this florida spread while contemplating divorce, about whether alleged mistresses have been paid millions to keep quiet, about whether woods will continue his quest to beat jack nicklaus' record which he's close to tying. >> they're fun to look at and everything, but until you see a little more meat in what they're writing, you just have to take things with a grain of salt. >> reporter: with a grain of salt, indeed. there's a reported sighting of tiger woods here on horseback.
7:34 am
some people claim to have see elin out looking for a house to rent while he is reportedly going through this therapy treatment here. about the only thing, meredith, people can say with certainty is that tiger woods has not been spotted anywhere near a golf course. >> that's for sure. ron mott, thank you very much. ben lewis is a recovering sex addict and a writer for "the new york times" magazine and author of "america anonymous: eight addicts in search of life," and laura berman is author of "the book of love." good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> ben, if i can start with you, you have a source that could confirm that tiger woods was or is at this rehab clinic. he could go anywhere for rehab, if that's what he's doing. why pine woods in mississippi -- i'm sorry, pine grove. >> well, it's very well respected. it was founded by patrick karnes, who's sort of the leading expert on sex addiction in this country. there are about a handful of
7:35 am
respected sex addiction treatment centers where tiger or anyone can check in. they're expensive. they tend to last about four to six weeks and they tend to be actually pretty similar in their general makeup. >> i want to talk about what goes on inside these clinics in a minute, because you are a recovering sex addict. >> yes. >> and you also have researched -- >> sadly, i'm an expert in this topic. >> exactly. >> i wish i wasn't. in my 20s i was there twice, different treatment centers for sex addiction. >> and you've also written about this. you've spent time researching these clinics and sex addiction. based on what you know, do you think that he's a sex addict? >> it's a really hard question. i can't -- i can't -- i'm not in his mind, you know? i'm not a psychic. what i can tell you is that most people who come into treatment for sex addiction are not coming because they expect to sort of have a holiday in treatment or they're looking for some excuse for their behavior. they're coming because their life has been profoundly impacted by this, their jobs, their marriages, their
7:36 am
friendships. you know, this is a real addiction. but people have a hard time with this one. i mean, people have sort of a knee-jerk reaction. there's a lot of misinformation. in a lot of ways, it's very similar to what we used to think about alcoholism. there's a time in this country whene didn't actually think that it was good to call someone an alcoholic, because that was sort of enabling them to not take responsibility for their behavior. we then went to gambling. gambling can't be real. there's no substance. >> let me bring in dr. berman on that. what is the difference between a sex addict and somebody who is just a serial cheater? because some people might look at tiger woods and say that's all he is. >> yeah, and that may be all he is. we, honestly -- the only person who really knows the real story of the extent and depth and breadth of his behavior is tiger woods. we only probably know the tip of the iceberg. but what we've seen, or at least what i've read about his behaviors, could really go either way. i think the distinction between a serial cheater is someone who just has a lot of opportunity, who, in many cases, as is the se with many celebrities and
7:37 am
high-ranking politicians, sort of feel like they're insulated, infallible, aren't going to get caught. so, we have to take into account the lifestyle and opportunity he was presented with and his attitudes towards monogamy. and we don't know any of this. it could be that he's just a serial cheater. the difference between that and addiction, sex addiction, is sex addiction is like any other addiction -- it's compulsive, it takes over your life, it's constant, you take extremely high risks, you put yourself at risk, you take legal risks in order to, you know, to deal, to get your addiction needs met, ansex, just like with an alcoholic or drug addict, the sex addiction or the sex itself, you try to use that to fill an empty void inside you to make yourself temporarily feel better -- >> and yet -- >> and i haven't necessarily seen that in tiger woods' behavior, but i don't. i haven't seen enough of the story. none of us have. >> and yet, benoit, there's a skepticism about this, that these are just people trying to rehab their images. >> yeah, and i think that is
7:38 am
part of it. we have to take that into consideration. i think he's absolutely right that sex addiction is a real addiction and probably 98% of these people who go into these facilities are only doing it because they're on their last leg and their lives are falling apart and they know they have a serious problem. however, i think there is a little bit among our celebrity world of playing the sex addiction card to get public sympathy, instead of rehabbing, what's happening for them, rehabbing their image. is that the case in tiger woods' case? we don't know. >> that may be true -- >> we're running out of time. >> yeah, that may be true for celebrities, but it's important to know that the vast majority of people going into treatment are doing it because they actually have a serious addiction. >> and it's tough in there. it's tough in there. >> it's really, really, really hard work, and the people who go there are incredibly brave to actually face this, because a lot of people don't face their addictions. >> benoit, laura berman, thank you as well. now let's get a check of the weather from al in los angeles. >> announcer: "today's weather"
7:39 am
is brought to you by advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. and we're here in la canada flintridge, where almost 500 homes are under mandatory evacuations. this hillside, part of the station fire from last year. they've got retaining walls set up here, trying to hold back the mud. but again, it is a losing battle against mother nature. this home here, the constant family, they're very worried that if they get another major mudslide, the home will literally get knocked off its foundations. so, really, really bad. as we look at afternoon temperatures and see what's going on, you'll see that we've got some mild weather down through the south, where we've got, again, a risk of strong storms coming on in here, temperatures 60s and 70s. 50s in the pacific northwest, 20s through the plain states. risk of strong storms with the possibility of tory of tornadoeh good morning, colder air is moving in from the northwest. it's been triggering some rain showers and some passing snow showers, even a little bit of sleet this morning.
7:40 am
they're continuing to move off to the south and east. we're getting that activity in central prince george's, into parts of fairf and prince williams and also into the potomac. 36 in washington. maybe a little bit of sun back that's your latest weather. if you want to check your weather any time of the day or night, you can go to the weather channel on cable or online. matt? >> thank you very much, al. i'll take it. still ahead, the terrible allergic reaction that caused one teenager's skin to literally peel off her body. she'll be here to show us how she's doing now.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
we're back now at 44. a year ago today, barack obama became the 44th president of the united states. this morni he's marking his one-year anniversary in an unfortunate way, with a stunning defeat in massachusetts in the senate race there. our national correspondent, jamie gangel, is here to take a look back at the year that was. jamie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. from all the excitement about the first african-american president to the challenges of the economy and health care to those white house crashers, i'm not sure president obama ever imagined what he would be facing. so, we took a look back at some
7:45 am
of the most memorable moments. >> obama! obama! >> reporter: let's face it, you couldn't ask for a better start -- hope, history, and of course, aretha's hat. sure, there's a fumble. >> we arfaithfully -- >> the office of the president of the united states faithfully. >> reporter: but all in all, there is obama mania. at first, plenty of goodwill. >> please, be seated. >> reporter: a new openness. >> enjoy yourself, roam around. >> reporter: a new first family. >> this is the current issue of "us weekly." >> reporter: everyone is talking about the mom-in-chief, her style, her arms, her official portrait. and there are other firsts -- the first blackberry, first interview, first youtube presidency, and endless questions about the most pressing issue. >> what's the latest on the dog search? >> reporter: but within days, it's official, the honeymoon is over. welcome to the economic crisis. >> the president's $825 billion
7:46 am
economic stimulus package. >> reporter: so much for bipartisanship. >> if this is the change we all can believe in, america's best days are behind her. >> reporter: and welcome to the confirmation process. some make it -- >> i want to apologize to the committee. >> reporter: some don't. >> i screwed up. >> reporter: finally, almost $1 trillion smulus package. >> there you go. it's done. >> reporter: but is obama taking on too much? >> the economy, health care, two wars, and today, education reform. >> reporter: the first promise made -- >> guantanamo will be closed. >> reporter: -- can't be kept. iraq -- >> our combat mission in iraq will end. >> reporter: afghanistan. more to come. and what about that budget? >> $4 trillion in spending in the current fiscal year. >> reporter: those bonuses. >> it's hard to understand how derivative traders at aig warranted any bonuses. >> reporter: the bailout. >> president obama, are you
7:47 am
listening? >> reporter: rush is listening. >> i want barack obama to fail. >> reporter: congress is twittering. when the going gets tough, get out of the white house. >> i do think in washington it's a little bit like "american idol," except everybody is simon cowell. >> wow! >> reporter: it's the frequent flyer presidency. there are reachouts -- >> the united states is not and will never be at war with islam. >> reporter: and shout-outs. >> i love you back! >> reporter: but to touch or not to touch, a bow or not a bow. and what about that handshake? >> now he's making some choices that in my mind will, in fact, ise the risk to the american people of another attack. >> i don't worry about the politics. >> reporter: just in case, blame bush. >> let's remember the conditions that the president inherited. >> reporter: and bring on bo. it's nice to make history. >> thank you, again, sir. >> reporter: but every day, a
7:48 am
new challenge. >> nice. >> reporter: a plane, a protest, a possible pandemic. >> i wouldn't go anywhere in confined places now. >> reporter: where's that teleprompter? post-racial? >> cambridge police acted stupidly. >> reporter: not quite yet. where's that beer? olympic gold, a bit tarnished. even when you win, y lose. report card? >> good, solid b-plus. >> reporter: reality check -- >> it's very clear what i've done so far, and that is nothing. >> reporter: what a difference a year makes. "h" used to be for hope. now it's for health care. >> you lie! >> reporter: let's make a deal. the left isn't happy, the right isn't happy, the governator isn't happy. >> but this is getting nowhere. >> reporter: and of course, "h" is now for haiti. >> you will not be forsaken, you will not be forgotten.
7:49 am
>> reporter: yet another test for the president. "c" used to be for change. now it's for critics. >> ben jones is the tip of the iceberg. >> the president has an agenda that is radical. >> reporter: more troops. >> additional 30,000 u.s. troops to afghanistan. >> reporter: more terror. >> we are at war against al qaeda. >> reporter: more cheney. >> the white house must stop dithing. >> reporter: and watch out for those town halls and tea parties. jimmy carter says it's racism. the president? mr. cool. >> i was actually blank before the election. >> reporter: now, unemployment is up. >> people want jobs. >> reporter: polls are down. >> he's below 50% in approval. >> reporter: the salahis drop in. >> we were invited. >> reporter: democrats drop out. and no one ever expected this. >> the independent voice of massachusetts has spoken! >> reporter: it's enough to make a president wish for day one again. >> remember the inauguration?
7:50 am
that was pretty cool. >> reporter: and if the first year left him nostalgic, matt, last night's election in massachusetts was a wake-up call. whatever happened to "yes, we can"? matt? >> jamie gangel in washington. jamie, as always, thank you very much. >> reporter: thank you. still ahead, a man who says he can prove there really is an afterlife.
7:51 am
7:52 am
still ahead, the young woman
7:53 am
whose skin peeled off her body.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:56 is your time now, 37 degrees, a look at your forecast. we have breaking news. the gunman wanted for killing eight people has been caught. 39-year-old christopher speight has surrendered near the scene. speight spent t night in the woods near his home and was surrounded by police after he allegedly killed eight people. all victims are adults and police have not released their identities. the motive for the killings is not known at this time.
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. a cold front coming through the region and has been triggering some rain showers and snow showers. the temperatures around the region are above freezing. 36 in washington and as we get into the later part of the day, might have a little sunbreaking out.
7:59 am
mostly cloy and near 30 tomorrow morning. we'll get some rain in the afternoon, it will be mixed with snow, sleet and freezing rain off and on through friday. >> traveling 95 both virginia and maryland is heavy. northbound on 95 out of virginia from the prince william park way, it's going to take you an hour from route 100 down to the belt way. 207 is also slow from father hurley off and on toward the montross road. >> tonight on news4 at 5:00 p.m., rosing your own coffee right in your own
8:00 am
♪ call out my name and you know wherever i am ♪ 8:00 now on a wednesday morning. it's the 20th day of january 2010. kind of a balmy day on tap here in the northeast. we're happy about that. so are these people who are standing out on the plaza. nice, friendly people. speaking of good friends, we've got james taylor playing in the background there. he is a legend in the music industry and he's teaming up with another legend, carole king. they're hitting the road together, and they're actually stopping by our studio in a little while to perform together. we are looking forward to that. >> i saw them rehearse.
8:01 am
>> both of them. >> and they were great this morning rehearsing. >> absolutely. meanwhile, out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with -- >> who? >> do you feel rain? it's weird, it's a complete blue sky and it's raining or drzling on us. i don't know where that's coming from. anyway, i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira. coming up this half hour, an unusual story, a nightmare for a girl. she was 15, i think, at the time, and she didn't feel well. she took an over-the-counter pain medication. it set off a severe allergic reaction that caused the skin on her body in many places to blister and then peel off. it's a very rare condition. by the way, a lot of people do not survive it. she obviously did, and she's here to talk about it in a little while. >> she obviously looks great now, so she recovered. then, a story that will truly warm your heart out of haiti. a haitian american man who opened the doors of his restaurant to feed hungry earthquake victims. plus, how you can avoid getting ripped off if you want to send money to haiti to help the folks there. and a little later on, is there really life after death? it's a profound question people
8:02 am
have been debating for an awfully long time, religious scholars, philosophers, movie makers have all tried to make it. now one man says he can prove that there is an afterlife. we'll talk to him and a woman that he says has been there. i think she says that as well. >> so, if there is, that means i'll always be with you. >> why would you ruin my -- why would you -- >> just wanted to put that out there. >> as my kids say, why would you yuck yuck on my yum yum. let's go inside to ann. haiti was rocked by an aftershock of magnitude 6.1, sending people running into the streets more than a week after the earthquake. nbc's lester holt is joining us from port-au-prince. lester, we're glad to see the nbc team is okay. describe exactly what happened. >> reporter: thanks, ann it was about 6:02. a lot of us working the "today" show were already up and at work when the ground started shaking. i was sitting down. we all scrambled outside to a predetermined point that we had agreed on in the event of such things.
8:03 am
perhaps the irony is, a lot of us have been sleeping outside for fear of this very thing, and yet, here i was inside working when it happened. a real concern right now is to people who may still be living in some of the precarious buildings in haiti, those that didn't come down but were severely weakened in the original quake. thankfully, a lot of people still have been living on the street, afraid to go into their homes for fear of this very thing. we can also tell you on a more positive note that rescues continue to occur here on a fairly regular basis. some children taken out of the collapsed three-story house they were in yesterday, including a 2-year-old. you hear the cheers of people. it keeps happening. urban search-and-rescue teams, their spirits are buoyed by the fact that they are still needed here. and all these days after the quake, there are still people, remarkably, alive, and remarkably, unhurt, other than dehydration in many cases, ann. >> against all the od. all right, lester holt, thank you so much this morning. that is uplifting to know. in massachusetts, a stunning
8:04 am
victory for republican scott brown, who won the senate seat held by ted kennedy, defeating democrat martha coakley, 42% to 57%. this breaks the filibuster-proof majority in the senate and raises the question of whether health care reform will be passed. a manhunt ended this morning in central virginia for a man police say shot and killed eight people in appomattox on tuesday. he is also accused of firing on a state police helicopter. police say that the suspect, christopher speight, surrendered without incident this morning. two well-known authors have died. best-selling mystery writer robert parker, who created the detective spencer, died of a heart attack on monday. he was 77. and erich segal, best known for his novel "love story" died in london, also of a heart attack. segal was 72 years old. it is now 8:04. let's go back outside to meredith and matt. hey, guys. >> and look what natalie from texas over here made for us. a mosaic logo. >> oh, that is beautiful!
8:05 am
>> isn't it? thank you, natalie. that's very nice of you. we appreciate that. >> thank you, natalie. mini mosaics, a company you run, from texas. you can probably go on the internet and find out more about it, couldn't you? yes, you could. >> why don't you just sell everything here? let's get a check of the weather. al is out in soggy, southern california. >> that's right, guys. in fact, we are in la canada flintrid flintridge, the home of the constant family. what they have had to do to try to save their home is pretty heroic. they have built these retaining walls. they've got sandbags, and then they put in, basically, a plastic tarp kind of channel to move all the mud down that's going to come down this hill. they were part of the stion fire from a year ago that has now dinuted the hills here, so there's no vegetation to hold off the runoff, and that's what's causing all this mud. in fact, almost 500 homes in
8:06 am
this area have been evacuated. so, it's a big mess and the biggest storms are still yet to come. let's show you what's happening as far as our weather is concerned. for today we are looking at a lot of wet weather. look at these storms just marching in off the pacific into the west coast. and there is more out there, you can see. so, we're not out of the woods by any means. we're talking about anywhere today from about two to four inches, some areas seven inches of rain, two feet of snow. then for tomorrow on into friday we've got, on top of what has fallen over the last 48 hours, anher seven to ten inches of rain in some parts of southern california and another one to two feet of snow. this is unprecedented. and in fact, tomorrow, when this next system comes in, they're saying it will be historic low pressure that not only are we going to have heavy rarain, a cold front drifting through the region has triggered
8:07 am
some traffic rain showers and some brief snow showers. that's continuing to move to the southeast of washington. they're continuing to dissipate at this hour. temperatures are above freezing. we're in the generally mid 30s all around the area, now 36 in washington, could get a little sun back this afternoon, with highs reaching low to mid 40s. and that's your latest weather. meredith? >> al, thank you very much. up next, a shocking tale of a teenage girl whose skin peeled off. we'll meet her right after this. [ woman ] most of us don't get enough fiber in our diets.
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carnation instant breakfast essentials. good nutrition from the start. with the special k challenge. you can have the cereal you love and so much more. design your delicious victory plan today... when you visit ♪ this morning on "today's health," the teenager whose skin peeled off of her body. a warning -- the pictures we're about to show you may be difficult to see. in 2005, then 15-year-old eva ulene was on vacation with her family when she suffered a severe allergic reaction. it was so bad, it caused the skin on her face, back and chest to scab and eventually fall off. it's known as toxic epidural
8:12 am
neprolis. it is fatal 40% of the team. she is one of the lucky ones who recovered and is here with her father and dermatologist. good morning. good to have you here. >> good morning. good to be here. >> no lasting effects in terms of visually. you look wonderful. >> thank you very mu. >> but this was scary. you didn't feel well. you had a little bit of a fever. you were told to take an over-the-counter pain medication, and in you, it set off a terrible reaction. >> yes, it did. and it was really terrible. it was really like a nightmare to just, you know, feel my skin fall off. >> you went to the hospital. they said, okay, try to, you know, if you have to take -- you know, wash it down a little bit, don't worry too much. you went home, and instead of feeling better, you felt worse. yeah. >> you went back to the hospital the second time and they were much more concerned about your condition that time. >> yes, they were, because at that time, i had blisters with water all under my skin, so then
8:13 am
my condition was really bad. >> i want to mention, some of the photos we're seeing there -- we're seeing a yellow substance on your face. that's actually medicion -- >> yeah, that's medication. >> -- is what we're seeing there. we don't want people to be too horrified. but you were 15 at the time. >> yeah. >> this had to seem like the end of the world for you. >> it was for a few days, maybe, but i was so determined that i was going to get through it and get better. so, i really had to, you know, just get through it. and when you're in there, you just have t deal with it. >> you don't have a choice. >> no. >> lawrence, as a parent, this had to be awfully difficult. >> yeah. the first two days was really -- i mean, when she had a high temperature and before we really knew what was going to happen, it was for me the most terrible part. but then afterward, when the temperature -- >> went down a little bit. >> -- went down -- i lived with her for the two weeks and treated much of her -- >> but it must have been a helpless situation, helpless feeling. i was reading about this,
8:14 am
janine, overnight, this toxic epidural necrolisis, and it's not pretty. they say the blisters at the center of the skin become so deteriorated, you can just remove it with your finger. >> right. unfortunately, the skin peels off in sheets. you see it in 1.1 or 1.2 million people. it's a very rare allergic reaction to the drug. and the bottom line with eva -- i'm noticing you don't have a medialert bracelet on. because if you get in a situation where you can't speak and somebody gives you a tylenol or tylenol derivative -- >> so she is forever sensitive to that particular -- >> forever. it will be worse if it ever hits her body again. so i want to stress this to your viewers so they know it for the future. >> again, it's very, very rare. >> very rare. >> i want to say that. but when i look at this number that 40% of the people who come down with this don't survive -- >> they don't live, yeah. >> eva is a very lucky lady. >> it affects their throat. they need to be treated in the burn area. i treated one patient with
8:15 am
t.e.n., mostly another drug reaction that we see and treat, but this is very significant, and it's great that she looks amazing and that she survived. >> is this a genetic thing? is it something in a gene that eva has that reacts this way with this medication or was it the particular virus she had at the time? >> it was the virus plus the drug, and it was just her, you know, genetic makeup that led to this horrible reaction. >> eva, i mentioned you look great now. and how long did it take once the skin peeled off of your face and your neck and your back, then what was the process like after that? how long did it take for the skin to come back to looking like this? >> you know, at first, i had a lot of scabs on my face, and they started to fall off aer, you know, a few weeks when i got off from the hospital, and when the scabs were gone, i was still very, you know, red in my face and had very, very sensitive skin. >> so, sunlight must have been a problem. >> yeah, exactly. >> you can't go out in the sun. >> the first summer i didn't
8:16 am
spend almost any time in the sun. i had a lot of sunscreen on and just, you know, i spent almost all my time in the shadow. >> yes. as i mentioned, as a 15-year-old, obviously, appearance, too much so with teenagers these days important, but for a 15-year-old watching this happen to herself had to be awful. you want to be an actress. i want to mention that. so, clearly, the outcome for you is a very positive one. >> yeah, it is. >> well, we want to thank you for sharing your story. and lars, thank you for coming over as well. >> thank you. >> we're happy you're doing okay. >> thank you very much. >> it's a great cautionary tale. and jeanine, your advice -- would you consider wearing one of those medical alert bracelets? >> and she has to wear sunscreen, sun block forever. and during the healing process, sun block. there's other things they treated her with in the burn unit. >> i'm curious, what do you take for pain now? is there something you found that you can take? >> i can take other painkillers -- >> like motrin. >> yeah. >> well, good luck. i hope things work out.
8:17 am
>> thank you. >> jeanine, thanks to you as well. >> thank you. >>up next, helping the quake survivors in haiti and how to do it without being scammed. that's important. just doesn't go away. it's so baffling. (announcer) does this sound like the pain you've been experiencing? this is fibromyalgia. chronic, widespread pain and tenderness that affects millions. sometimes i need a hug... ...but i know it's gonna hurt... (announcer) there is hope. understanding your pain... the first step to treating it. talk to your doctor and visit for answers and support. when it comes to constipation relief... miralax is the one. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax.
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the worst tragedies can often bring out the best in people, and that is exactly whais happening in haiti right now. nbc's jenna wolfe is in port-au-prince with the story of one very good samaritan. jenna, good morning. >> reporter: and good morning to you, meredith. for many of the haitians who did survive that original earthquake, there's very little guarantee where their next meal is coming from, but there is one local man here who's doing his best to help feed these waiting haitians, who's turned his restaurant into a soup kitchen, if you will, trying to feed hundreds and hundreds of haitians one person at a time. for cliff rousseau, a haitian-american business owner, it appears business as usual, even though it's anything but. what was once the hottest spot in town for nightlife and fun is now one of the only reliable sources for food around. [ speaking foreign language ] she has six children. two of them are here with her
8:22 am
today. they don't have food. very, very hungry. in the midst of the chaos that can be post-earthquake haiti, hungry people have found one place they can rely on, munchies restaurant. why are you doing this? >> why not? what else is there to do? i mean, i'm a human being, i'm a normal person, i believe in god and i would like somebody to help me out if they were in my position. >> reporter: one week after the earthquake, this restaurant is open for business. now, rousseau is giving away meals instead of selling them. the organized line that forms, patiently awaiting what for some will be their own meal of the day, is a stark contrast to the images we've seen earlier in the week. >> they know that munchies is going to give them a plate of food and a bottle of water days in, days in and days out. >> reporter: 18, 10 and 8 years old, waiting in line, trying to get some food, at least one hot meal a day. cliff estimates he feeds about 1,000 people a day.
8:23 am
he could go back to miami to be with his wife and kids, but for now, he stays. as he says, his customers need him more. >> i'm more in need here than i would be in florida. >> reporter: if your food runs out, you're not leaving? >> i'm not going anywhere. >> reporter: why? >> i'm going to help out. if i have to go and clean up the street, i'll go and clean up the street. i'm going to help rebuild the country. >> reporter: the thing is, in times like this, every little bit counts, whether it's medical aid or money, or in a case like this, feeding these people, giving haitians one meal, one opportunity to eat, and perhaps getting this country slowly back up and running again. meredith? >> what a great guy doing his part. jenna wolfe, thank you so much. since that devastating earthquake, people worldwide have opened their hearts and theiwallets. a reported $27 million has been donated by text message alone. but how do you know where the money is going and how can you avoid getting scammed? "today's" financial editor jean chatzky is here with some useful tips. good morning to you, jean.
8:24 am
>> good morning. >> unfortunately, there are scams out there. so, how do you protect yourself, especially when there's so many places where you can donate money? >> a couple of things to keep in mind. first of all, watch out for e-mail appeals. when an appeal comes to you in an e-mail and you open it up, it could send you to a site that looks like a site that you recognize, but be careful. you want to start the interaction. surf to a charity that you want to give to and give that way. >> okay. >> also, newer charities -- not to say that they're scams by any means, but you want to make sure that your dollars are going to organizations where they have -- >> a history? >> a history and the impact to do the work right away. those text messages, yes, the money will get there, but it might not get there as quickly as you think. you have to pay your cell phone bill and then the money makes it there. so, it could take 30 days or more. >> and you say be wary of claims that 100% of the money goes to the victims. watch out for that. >> every charity has administrative expenses. so, if they're not using your dolls or my dollars to pay to
8:25 am
run the charity, they're getting that money from somewhere. >> is it better to stick to established charities? >> it's probably safer in this case to stick with established charities. we've put a whole list up on the "today" show website. so, if you're looking for charities that have been vetted by charity navigator and the better business bureau, that's a great place to start. >> and how do you guarantee the money's going where it's supposed to go, once you send it in? >> you want to deal with charities that have a history of doing it right. there are sites like guidestar and that vet these charities on a consistent basis. they can tell you that the charities are doing the best work. >> and if you want to give immediate help, cash. >> cash, not stuff. cash is king. >> all right, jean chatzky, thank you so much. >> sure. coming up, a man who says he can prove that there is life after death.
8:26 am
our time right now is 8:26, 37 degrees, as we take a live look out at ronald reagan national airport. there is some rain, you can see some wet run ways and some planes taking off into the cloudy skies. we're following breaking news. state police now say the gunman wanted for killing eight people has been caught. 39-year-old christopher speight surrendered near the scene. speight spent the night near his home after he allegedly killed those eight people. all of the victims are adults. police have not released their identities. at this point police will only
8:27 am
say that she is acquainted with the killings. we'll take a break now and come back and look at our weather and traffic, stay with us.
8:28 am
good morning, a passing snow shower south and eat of washinon. highs in the low to mid 40s. an increasing cloudiness tomorrow. >> we're looking at accident activity that's now on the left
8:29 am
shoulder on 28th. but very heavy up until that point. >> tonight on news4
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 now on this wednesday morning, 20th day of january 2010. a sunny day here in new york ty. and we have a sunny crowd to match theeather in rockefeller plaza, and boy, are they in for a treat, because two of the most successful and acclaimed singer/songwriters of all time, talking about carole king and james taylor, will be here to perform in just a few minutes. what, matt? >> not just successful singers
8:31 am
and songwriters, they are nice people. >> lovely people. >> james taylor, carole king. carole king gives you a hug, you know you're loved. >> we didn't even want to come out. not that we didn't want to see you guys, obviously -- >> yeah, take that the right way. >> but they're in there rehearsing and they're wonderful. >> right now with everything that's going on, it's exactly, i think, what america needs to hear. >> they'll be performing in a few minutes. also ahead, it's one of life's great mysteries -- what happens to you after you die? coming up, you'll meet a doctor who says he can prove, prove scientifically, that there is an afterlife. also ahead, have you ever wondering about starting your own business but were afraid to take the risk? we'll meet a mily. they risked it all, and i think their story will inspire you. >> wow. >> if you need money to start a business of your own, we have our "money 911" questions this morning. a lot of people have questions about their finances and what to do with anything that they've got, you know, should they put it in the bank or invest it, that kind of stuff. >> important stuff.
8:32 am
first, we're going to get a check of the weather from al, who is inos angeles. hey, al. hey, guys. we're in la canada flintridge right now. this is the home of the constant family. take a look at this. they were part of the station fire, okay? and so, all of this has been burned away, and so, they have nothing to hold in the rain. they've got a big, big retaining wall back here, and they've built -- their contractors have built another channel to bring the rain down and the mud and into this larger channel that's down here, and hopefully, carry it away from their home. they've already literally taken out ten tons of mud in their backyard, moved it to the front. it's really a mess. and the fear is that wh the heavier rain coming in, that they are not going to be able to stop the bleeding here and the mudslide could actually knock their home off the foundation, and in fact, almost 500 homes are und evaations today in good morning.
8:33 am
the mild pattern we have had the last few days coming to an end. we had a cold front come through today, that did trigger a few passing snow showers and sleet. in safford county over to culpepper county. temperatures are above freezing all around the region, we're in the mid 30s. a little sun may break out this afternoon with and that's your latest weather. now let's head to washington and uncle willard. hey, uncle willie. >> you know where i am. i'm not in washington -- >> oh, that's right, you're in ft. myers. you're in ft. myers. i forgot. >> ft. myers. it's absolutely beautiful. the seagulls are flying upside down saying thank god it's warm again. anyway, happy birthday from smucker's. how sweet it is! as the jar of life spins about,
8:34 am
we see the lovely lula. lula's back in town. lula wallace, courtland, mississippi. attributes longevity to her faith in the good lord and being able to recite the alphabet backwards. i'll bet you can't do that. ted hertz, white plains, new york. get this, world war ii veteran, lifelong painter who enjoys ballroom dancing, "dancing with the stars." i like that. sharp as a tack. speaks seven languages. can't say no in any of them. marvin price of ashburn, virginia, outside of dulles airport, retired engineer. plays the flute and saxophone, and he did that for a radio station before they had recorded music. how about that? a live entertainer. jay coral of pompano beach, florida. ever had pompano? oh, it's delicious! avid volunteer who loves helping others. secret to longevity, drinking cow's milk.
8:35 am
how about that? right from the cow. anna frances grobmeier of carrollton, kentucky, 101. learned how to swim at 80. volunteers for 40 years at a local hospital and attends church every week. arthur rando, las vegas, nevada. one of the nicest towns. i've never known a town with so many positive people, really. the health there is incredible. retired doctor. played the saxophone and the clarinet at the same time with the bob crosby group. one of the great ones. dorothy mirtz, york city, pennsylvania. sang with the choir for over 60 years. god bless you. that's it. now back to meredith and big old new york, right over there. >> willard, thank you very much. and coming up, evidence of the afterlife? maybe. we're going to tell you about that, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
this morning on "today's money," taking a leap of faith. the shaky economy may have you thinking a little more seriously about that business you've always dreamed of starting. well, j.j. ramberg, host of msnbc's "your business" has the story of one couple who went for broke when they were nearly broke themselves. >> reporter: two years ago, kim and mark benson were down to their last $18,000. >> very scary. it was very scary. we had four children, a mortgage, you know, middle-income america. >> reporr: a victim of the economy, mark had lost his job at a distribution company. >> i had been with the company for about 13 years. >> reporter: neither mark nor kim had any prospects for other employment, and they didn't even look. >> here was our one opportunity, and it was either, you know, sink or swim, do or die. >> reporter: kim had become somewhat of a food and nutrition expert and had an idea for a
8:39 am
business making low-calorie bagels. so, they took that $18,000 and started kim's light bagels. most of the cash went to the packaging. >> i said to mark, you know, if this doesn't work, we're going to have 100,000 doggie poop pickup bags with my face on it. >> reporter: the chances that those bags would end up picking up after dogs would seem pretty high. neither kim nor mark had experience running a company. >> we weren't entrepreneurs or businesspeople. we didn't come across this because we were scoping out what was the best business angle. >> reporter: but they had an amazing amount of faith that this would work. >> i spent weeks on the phone, and "the owner's not here, can you call back?" and i said the same spiel over and over. >> reporter: when you meet the two of them, it becomes less surprising that something so likely worked out. before kim had started this, she already did something astounding. two years ago, she weighed 347
8:40 am
pounds. it's hard to imagine now. >> four ring sizes, shoe sizes. people were e-mailing me, how did you do it? >> reporter: this helped her realize that she could do anything she wanted. and so, she started her bagel company and a website running online weight loss meetings. >> this week's meeting clip is all about stress and dieting. >> reporter: and wrote cookbooks. >> they all tie in together. people find my story in the back of my bag of bagels, they go to my website, they find the meetings. >> reporter: today things are booming for kim's company. and looking back, she admits, a little ignorance was exactly the ingredient she needed to cook up kim's light bagels. >> if i knew then what i know now, i don't know if i would have done it. it was crazy, but i'm so glad i didn't know, because i'm glad we did it. it's wonderful. >> j.j. ramberg, good morning. >> good morning.
8:41 am
>> they invested their last $18,000, and it seems like it's working out for them. that's not what you would advise most people to do, though, is it? >> i mean, look, of course not. it's so, so risky. you should have a cushion. a lot of people start companies when they have other jobs. but for people who have lost their job and have no other options, this might be your time to start something. >> you mentioned a cushion. how much of a financial cushion should you have when starting a business? in other words, how long should u expect to go and be unprofitable and still be able to pay your knwhilz. >> right, well, that depends on your risk profile. so, i'm very conservative. i would say a year, but i also have kids. if you're a single person who can maybe pick up some other job somewhere else, you don't need as much of a cushion. >> she seems a bit of a dynamo, this woman. >> she's amazing. >> good. thanks for sharing her story with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and for tips on starting your own business, you can check out our -- i'm sorry, her show, "your business" on sunday mornings, 7:30 eastern time on msnbc. up next, the man who says he can prove that there is an
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
do you believe in life after death? one man says he has scientific proof it is true. dr. jeffrey long, a radiation oncologist from louisiana, has written a book with his findings. he calls it "evidence of the afterlife." mary joe rapini says that she had a near-death experience that profoundly changed her life, and her story is featured in the doctor's book. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> doctor, if i could start with you, you collected more than 1,000 stories of near-death experiences from people all around the world, and you say the consistencies in those stories helped prove scientifically that there is an afterlife. so, based on your data, what is the proof? >> well, my research reveals nine lines of evidence about the reality of near-death experiences and their consistent message of an afterlife. >> can you give me an example of some of the nine lines of
8:45 am
evidence? >> well, one good line of evidence is that those that are blind, including blind from birth, can have visual near-death experiences, not as fragments, but as fully visual impressions during their near-death experiences just like visual impressions during other near-death experiences. >> and no matter what the age of the person, it doesn't matter, the experience is the same essentially? >> my research involved a study of young children age 5 and under, and i found the content of their near-death experiences absolutely identical to older children and adults, suggesting that whether you know about near-death experiences, what your cultural upbringing is, what your awareness of death is doesn't seem to have any effect on the content of the near-death experience. >> mary jo, you claim to have had a near-death experience. >> yes. >> you suffered an experience at a gym. when was this? >> april of '03. >> and you were taken to a hospital and what happened? >> for three days, they couldn't locate the aneurism, so basically, they put me in an icu and were just monitoring me. and then one night, the third
8:46 am
night i got very ill, and i remember they were all of a sudden rushing arod me and putting, inserting things into me and monitors, and they called my husband, and he was there. and i looked up and i saw this light. it wasn't a normal light. it was different. it was illuminescent, and it grew -- and i kept looking at it and it grew large and i went into it. and i went into this tunnel and i came into this room that was just beautifu and god held me. he called me by name and he told me, he said, "mary jo, you can't stay." >> and i understand you wanted to stay. >> i wanted to stay. i protested. i said, "i can't stay? why not?" and i started talking about all the reasons, i was a good wife, i was a good mother, i did 24-hour care with cancer patients. and he said, "let me ask you one thing. have you ever loved another the way you've been loved here?"
8:47 am
and i said, "no, it's impossible, i'm a human," and then it just held me and it said "you can do better." >> were you a skeptic before this about -- >> yes! >> you were? >> yes. i was working with cancer patients prior to this happening. i was getting ready to move to houston. i was probably at the lowest point in any faith. i had seen terrible things in that cancer cent, people dying. and when i would go in and they would tell me they saw things, i would respond -- i would just sit there and they would say, "can you see them?" and i would say, "no, i can't see them," and then i would leave the room and tell the resident, you'd better check their morphine level. >> let me ask you something -- and i don't doubt you saw what you said, but there is something called cultural conditioning. we've all heard you go through the tunnel, there's the light, you meet god or whatever you call that force, and you're told it's not your time. so, how do you know that mary jo wasn't just kind of experiencing that, maybe she was on certain
8:48 am
drugs in the hospal? >> well, out of 1,300 near-death experiences that i've studied, mary jo's experience is absolutely typical of what people describe. i think if near-death experiences were culturally determined, then people that had never heard of near-death experiences would have a different experience. but we're not finding that. whether you know or don't know about near-death experience at the time it happens has no effect on whether the experience happens or not or what the content is. >> all right. doctor, i appreciate it very much. mary jo, as well, for your time. pretty controversial book. it's going to get a lot of people talking. the book, again, is called "the evidence of the afterlife." dr. long
8:49 am
8:50 am
♪ >> announcer: "the toyota concert series on today" brought to you by toyota. toyota, moving forward. they are both quite simply legends. between them, they've earned ten grammys, sold 65 million albums and won induction into the rock and roll and song writers hall of fame. now carole king and james taylor are getting ready to hit the road together for the first time in 40 years in the trubadore reunion tour.
8:51 am
now, this came from the club in l.a. and you said this is fun, this is nice, let's go on the road. >> that's right. carole and i, every time we run into each other, which is often, we'd say, when are we going to get back together? when are we going to get the band, the original band back together and do some work? so -- >> one of whom we have here today, lee. >> hello, lee. >> pleasure to be here. >> what is it about your musical style and personalities that work together, carole? >> something -- i think it's in our dna. there's something, the first time we met, the first time we sat down and played together, we had the same sensibility. i was thinking what i would want him to play next and he'd play it, and vice versa. it was just a real musical connection. >> i was thinking i would love to be a fly on the wall when you guys get together and start telling stories from the early days in the business, and i was thinking, which one of you has the most outrageous stories? >> yes, but i'm writing a book -- >> is that fair?
8:52 am
oh, really? >> i don't know about james, but i am. so, they will come out. >> what are you going to sing for us today? >> we're going to sing "something in the way she moves," which is a song of james' and i'm going to back him up, and later we may sing one of mine. >> we would love that, ladies and gentlemen. and i've got a job to do. i've goto get rid of some of these stools. james taylor and carole king. there you go. >> okay. ♪ ♪ there's something in the way she moves, looks my way or calls my name ♪ ♪ that seems to leave this troubled world behind ♪ ♪ and if i'm feeling down and bl blue or troubled by some foolish game ♪ ♪ she always seems to make me
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change my mind ♪ ♪ i feel fine any time she's around me now, she's around me now almost all the tim ♪ ♪ if i'm well, you can tell she's been with me now, she's been with me now quite a long, long time and i feel fine ♪ ♪ every now and then things i lean on are losing meaning and i find myself careening in places where i shouldn't let me go ♪ ♪ she has the power to go where
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no one else can find me and to silently remind me of the happiness and good times that i know ♪ ♪ well, i guess i just got to know then, it isn't what she's got to say, how she thinks or where she's been ♪ ♪ to me, the words are nice the way they sound ♪ ♪ i like to hear them best that way, it doesn't much matter what they mean ♪ ♪ she says them mostly just to calm me down ♪ ♪ i feel fine any time she's around me now ♪ ♪ she's around me now, i guess
8:55 am
just aboutll the time ♪ ♪ if i'm well, you can tell that she's been with me now, she's been with me now quite a long, quite a long, long time, yes and i feel fine ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> james taylor and carole king on the road again together after 40 years. thank you so much. we're going to hear more music a little later on. james, thanks so much. we're back after your local news and weather.
8:56 am
8:56 is our time right now, 37 degrees. you can see some clouds over the nation's capital right now. we're getting rain in some regions. we're following a developing story out of virginia. state police say that the man who killed eight people has been caught. police believe he was the lone gunman in yesterday's shooting spree. he spent the night in the woods near his home. police have not released their identities and will say only that he was acquainted with his victims. we'll check
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning, a cold front has passed through the region this morning ushering in some colder weather for the next couple of days and triggering some showers, snow showers into southern culpepper county, and slowly drifting to the south. temperatures are above freezing and it's in the mid 30s. we may get a little sun tomorrow morning, and then cloudy the rest of the day, could get some
8:59 am
rain by sun selt. may change ore to snow, sleet and rain thursday night into friday. >> volume is a huge factor for people around the region. this is at 118, headed down towards the belt way, earlier accident at 28, so your lanes are open, but they're going very slow. out of springfield, that's the lineup from 95 north to continue on the inner loop. the inner loop is slow continuing all the way into tyson. >> tonight on news4 at
9:00 am
we are back now with more of "today" on a wednesday morning. it's the 20th of january 2010. we've got some nice people hanging out on the plaza this morning. on kind of a balmy morning, comparedo what we've had over the last several weeks. we thank them for hanging out. meanwhile, just a couple of meters away inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer along with ann curry and natalie morales. and we've got al in rain-soaked southern california this morning. and boy, the people out there have had a nasty spell of weather. and al, you're in the midst of it right now. >> that's right. this is the constant family home. they have had literally ten tons of mud moved out of here. to give you a sense of this stuff, it is literally like
9:01 am
quick sand. you put your foot in, a then trying to pull it out, i mean, it is like quicksand, and it keeps coming down. this area, la canada flintridge, almost 500 homes have been evacuated. yesterday we had a tornado in huntington beach. we've got this heavy rain coming. we're looking for about one to two inches of rain here, maybe even four inches in the foothills. some areas may even pick up six inches. this is not the worst of it. the worst of it comes tomorrow with another bigger storm. so, it is a real mess. they have done all this to try to save their home. they're afraid they're not. look at what they're up against. you can see some of the mud slide activity over the last 24 hours. it's a mess. and this is what they're trying to save. they're trying to save their home here, but they're really afraid that with what's coming tomorrow and as mud comes down here, it may literally knock the home off its foundation. and this story's being repeated over and over again throughout this area, guys. >> all right, al, thanks very much. we'll get back out to you in a
9:02 am
little while. we'll check in for your local forecast. and we've got a lot of other things ahead. also in the news this morning, as we've been reporting, a 6.1 earthquake, an aftershock, actually, hit around 6:00 a.m. eastern time this morning in haiti, since last week's earthquake. it sent people screaming into the streets. there are still miraculous stories of survival, but will this new aftersho, a 6.1, hinder the desperate efforts and the search for more survivors? remarkable how many people are still being pulled out alive. we're going to get the latest on this from lester holt, who is in port-au-prince. >> a lot of heroics taking place there in haiti these days. >> absolutely. definitely. plus, on "today's money 911," help for your money emergencies. our expert panel is going to take on everything from dealing with post-divorce finances, building your own and understanding your credit rating and how to save in these tight times. a lot to get to. ms. curry, you have the top headlines. >> that's right. first, the aftershock in haiti. more than a week after haiti's
9:03 am
devastating earthquake, a powerful aftershock this morning, magnitude 6.1, sent people running into the streets and sent rubble falling from already damaged buildings. this after more survivors were pulled from the rubble last night. nbc's lester holt is in port-au-prince this morning again for us. lester, good morning. >> reporter: ann, good morning. i keep thinking, how much more can these people take? they've already been living outside, many because they're homeless, some because they're fearful of the frequent aftershocks, but this was the biggest we felt so far, and there were screams in the fields around us where people have been living. they don't have a lot of options except those who have relatives outside the area and then the government is encouraging them to move away, if they can. all this, of course, threatens to perhaps weaken buildings that are already precariously standing after the quake last week. the good news is, urban search-and-rescue teams continue to make progress here. it keeps happening, survivors beating the odds. >> go 90 degrees the opposite way! >> reporter: new york and
9:04 am
virginia rescuers dig six hours to find a boy and girl, tiki and sabrina, alive. [ cheers and applause ] pulled from beneath what had been a three-story house. >> they're all right. they're just thirsty and need food. that's about it. >> reporter: it wasn't the only thing people here had to celebrate on tuesday. the arrival of u.s. marines choppering into the capital was met with cheers. they also air-lifted supplies from the "uss battan" to a coastal community that until now had seen little, if any, aid. the u.n. security council voted to add an additional 3,500 u.n. troops to help secure food distribution in an increasingly volatile country. where people scavenge what they can. but it's not just the hungry getting anxious. relief groups also feeling frustrated, unable to get their supplies here quickly enough. >> you know, haiti wasn't built to accommodate the capacity of
9:05 am
incoming people and equipment and materials that are coming into it right now. >> reporter: as the plight of the living grows, there have been wildly varying estimates, as high as 200,000, of the number of dead. the u.s. says a substantial number of americans remain unaccounted for. here's why we'll never know exactly how many people died in the earthquake. we've already told you about those open pits, mass graves, where people are systematically being buried without being identified. then there's roads like this outside of town. it's a garbage dump, and we found interspersed in the garbage and concrete debris, human bodies, people who will never be identified. we'll never know what their nationalities are, either. today the u.s. air force is expected to evacuate hundreds of american citizens who have been anxiously waiting for a chance to flee this wounded country. and this morning, most of the 53 haitian orphans who were flown to pennsylvania tuesday are
9:06 am
already out of the hospital, soon to be united with the new adoptive parents. the u.n. says it will get food to five times as many people this week as it did last week. and ann, we should note with regard to that field, that dumping ground of bodies, we traveled a short distance away, found a crew that had been digging mass graves. we asked them to please go cover those bodies up. they left immediately to do that. >> all right, lester. lester holt, thank you so much for your reporting on this important story this morning. a political stunner in massachusetts, where republican scott brown has won the senate seat held for almost 47 years by democrat ted kennedy. brown's win takes away the democrats' filibuster supermajority in the senat and could have a major impact on health care reform. brown defeated his democratic opponent 52% to 47%. this morning, the obama administration's choice to lead the transportation security administration withdrew his nomination. confirmation of earl suthers had been blocked by arizona senator
9:07 am
jim demint who worried that he would allow tsa employees to join a labor union. today, congress is holding hearings on the christmas day attempted plane bombing and intelligence failures leading up to it. top fbi and homeland security officials are among those who will be testifying today. there is a major recall this morning of strollers and another one involving cribs. 1.5 million graco strollers have been recalled. the passage, alano and spree models. officials say that the hinges on the strollers' canopies can seriously injure children's fingers, and cribs are recalled for parts that can detach and strangle a baby. for more information, go to back to you, matt. >> that stroller story is scary. >> scary. >> it is. okay, let's go to soggy los angeles for a check of the weather from al. >> hey, thanks a lot, guys. in la canada flintridge, and this home still trying to battle
9:08 am
the elements, stave off a mud slide that would knock it off its foundation. and let's take a look, see what's causing all of this. we've got stms stacked up out in the pacific, and you can see that rain coming in now. we've got one area over southern california, but look at this, stretching from northern california and the pacific northwest all the way down. this big slug of moisture getting ready to come on in here. rainfall with this thing, we're talking about two to three inches locally. could be up to five inches. two feet of snow in the sierras, the siskiyous and wasatch mountain range. the storm that came in yesterday is nowriggering strong storms, a risk of heavy thunderstorms in the gulf coast, lower mississippi river valley. tornadoes, heavy thunderstorms, rainfall amounts two to four inches, some areas picking up five inches of rain. and then we've got back here in california, tomorrow's storm may dump anywhere from eight to ten inches of rain on top of what
9:09 am
good morning. we have got a cold front passing through this morning and it did trigger some passing rain showers and snow showers from stafford county into spotsylvania. temperatures are in the mid and upper 30s in washington. highs today with a little sun back this afternoon into the low and mid 40s. cold the rest and that's your latest weather. ann? ♪ money, money, money al, thanks. now to "today's money 911," a half hour of questions and answers about your money emergencies. on our panel this morning, "today" financial editor and author of "money 911," jean chatzky. we've got personal finance expert and blogger mike peru here for his first time.
9:10 am
and cnbc personal finance correspondent sharon epperson, and natalie is standing by in the crowd outside. so, good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> okay, let's hit it. we've got an e-mail question first from laura in cyprus, texas. she writes, "we've survived 2009, including losing a job, finding a job, selling a house, losing a significant amount. we're starting 2010 with a new home, new job. however, the job is in a company that is still a little shaky. we have a significant amount of money in the savings account, equal to ten months take-home income. my question is, what do we do with that money or portions of it so it is still liquid for an emergency?" jean, you take that. >> okay, you leave it there. you leave it in a savings account or a money-market account or a high interest rate checking account, which you can find by going to, because that's your emergency money. and if you listen to us over any length of time, you know, what do we say? you need emergency money, and ten months of emergency money in this economy with unemployment where we're at, it's not too much. so, good job. keep it going. beyond your ten months, start
9:11 am
investing. >> okay. now we've got a phone call from angela in waco, texas. angela, hello. what's your question, dear? >> caller: hi. i'm 27 and i have n credit history. my husband has a good credit score, but i'd like to improve my credit so we can buy a house some day. should i open a credit card in my name only or with my husband? and will opening a credit card together hurt his credit score? >> that's a good question. mike, do you want to take that? >> yeah, in fact, that's a great question. angela, the reality is that right now it's really hard for somebody without credit to get credit on their own, so, what you want to do is take advantage of your husband's good credit and become an approved user on his credit card account. what that's going to let you do is get a card at a good rate and avoid the difficult application process. you can save a lot in that process. it's also -- it's not going to hurt your husband's credit just because you get a credit card under his account. so, definitely, it's a great way to start. and even though the formula for fico score changed last year as a spouse, you can get a boost on
9:12 am
your own fico score just by opening it with his account. so, great question. good luck. >> okay, good answer. huh? >> i was just going to say, a year from now, two years from now, she's going to want to get a card just in her name as a security precaution in case down the road you get divorced or something like that. >> okay. had to go there, didn't you, jean? >> sorry! >> now we've got jeannie on skype from rhodesville, virginia. hey, jeannie, what's your question? >> my question is, i'm going through a divorce and i modified -- [ inaudible ] so now there just seems to be enough to pay the expenses each month. how do i begin saving again, especially short-term saving, because i can see that down the road i'm going to need a new vehicle in about a year or so? so, that's my question. what suggestions do you have? >> sharon? >> genie, you're in a situation we were just talking about, divorced and trying to figure out what to do. of course, the emergency fund as we always talk about is so key. you need to get skinny. trim the fat. you say you're doing that already, but that can be a very
9:13 am
subjective term. you really want to look at your food and discretionary items, the money that you're spending. make sure -- you may need to cut closer to the bone. and when you start cutting, start saving and building that emergency fund. that can go to things that you might need, like perhaps a new car down the road. and think about how you can pay for items like a new car with maybe making it more of a fixed cost. maybe look into leasing a car, something that you can really count on what the expense i going to be. and also, kind of prevent yourself from possibly having a lot of major repairs down the road. but focusing on that emergency fund and cutting as much as you can and putting that money away in that emergency reserve is going to be key for you right now. >> genie, thank you so much for your question. i love your positive spin on getting skinny. that's a great way to think about it. natalie is across the street at dean & deluca. what's your question there? >> that's right. mary and laura are here. what's your question? >> i have a question about the estate tax for 2010. we no longer have an estate tax. so, i'm curious about 2011 and going forward, how canou
9:14 am
effectively estate plan and what do you think the estate tax will be in the future? >> jean, do you want to help us out? >> what do i think the estate tax will be? i'm going to look into my crystal ball here and i'm going to predict it. here's the thing, we do know that we will have an estate tax. in fact, it could come back before 2011. and so, if you've got an estate of more than a couple million dollars, you need to sit down with an estate planning attorney and figure out if you need to put a system of trusts in place so that you can pay as few taxes as actually possible in the event of somebody's death. as far as what the exemption's going to be, $3 million, $5 million, probably something in that range, but it's a good time to do some planning right now. >> all right. thanks so much for your answer. we have more questions and more time, so stand by, people, ♪ eggland's best eggs. the best in nutrition... just got better. even better nutrition -- high in vitamins d, e, and b12. a good source of vitamin a and b2. plus omega 3's.
9:15 am
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9:18 am
okay, we're back with our panel of financial experts and mosh of "today's money 911." irma in fairfield, connecticut, writes "i've been asked by a bank to get my fico score so that we can see if we are eligible to refinance. will checking a credit score lower my credit rating? i know you have covered this before, but do you mind covering this again? and if the answer is yes, can you suggest how i can get my score without lowering my credit rating, if so?" mike, do you want to take this? >> yeah. in fact, that's a question i get a lot, so it's a wonderful question. threality is that, no, checking your own fico score is not going to lower it and it's not going to hurt your credit record in any way. infact, i think it's a good idea that you do it often, because the reality is that millions, millions of credit reports have errors on them, and if you have an error there,
9:19 am
that, in fact, can hurt your fico score. the sooner you fix it, the better off you're going to be. when it comes time to check it, i suggest you go to at that website, basically, you're entitled because of a law that came into play a few years ago, to review all three of your credit histories at least once per year and not pay anything. during that process, you can actually pay a small fee and see your fico scores. but keep in mind that you're only going to be able to see two of your three, because as of last year, one of the agencies, experian, is no longer allowing consumers to see their own fico score. >> and if you want to go to another website, you can get the fico score for free if you go to or or quizzle, which is spelled like it sounds with a "q." you can get your fico score. >> but make sure you don't just go to any site that says they'll give you a free credit report, because that's likely linked to a credit monitoring service that will cost you more money. go to for your report.
9:20 am
>> natalie has another question. >> i have dawn and sarah from connecticut with a question for us. go ahead. >> sure. we want to go to o a extravagant vacation from connecticut to hawaii. in this economy, how do we save money on a yearly basis, like next year? >> who wants to take it, sharon? >> i just went there, so let me tell you. first of all, do a house swap, which is the best thing to do, cut down on your hotel bill. that's a wonderful way to start. that's what we did. but the other thing you needo do is start systemically putting money away. i have a lot of different pots of money and i believe in that. you have your emergency fund, you have your retirement fund, but you've got to have your fun money, and if you have enough of your emergency savings already done and you can put some money away for fun, start doing that now and figure out how much you can put away. it might not be enough to go to hawaii next year it might take a couple of years to get there. i hadn't been there in ten years, so it may take some time. >> okay. >> i love how you were talking, too, about skinny, getting skinny. >> yes. >> saving for any goal is like going on a diet. you can't do it all at once. you can't lose ten pounds
9:21 am
tomorrow, so you figure out how much money do you need to go to hawaii, you chunk it down and figure out, okay, can i put away $25 a week, $50 a week? do it automatically so you don't see the money. and all of a sudden, your money adds up. >> we have a phone call question from paul a from germantown, maryland. hi, paula. >> caller: hi. >> what's your question, hon? >> caller: okay, i'm 57 and my mom passed away in june 2009. i inherited two i.r.a.s, totaling approximately $80,000. i understand in 2010 i'll need to take the rnd. is there anything i can do to lessen the tax burden on this distribution and do you have any suggestions as to how i can invest the money so i won't have to pay taxes on it again in the future? >> mike, looks like you want this one. >> yeah. i mean, this is actually -- it's one of the trickiest questions, because inherited i.r.a.s is one of the most complex areas of personal finance, so you must be very, very careful. rmd, what paula's talking about, is required minimum distribution, and that's the minimum amount of money you must
9:22 am
take out each year from an inherited i.r.a. now, the way you pay taxes on that is when you pull that money out, that's when you have to pay the income tax. so, what you'll want to do is make that rmd as small as possible each year so that you have less money to pay taxes on. now, the way it works is that what you must do is stretch out, and in this case, because of your age and because probably your mom's age, you can actually pay to take out those rmds and pay taxes over about 30 years. so, you have a long time to pay taxes there, but definitely meet with a personal finance expert with experience in inherited i.r.a.s. >> thank you, mike periu and sharon epperson and jean chatzky. great advice this morning. if you have financial questions for our panel, go to and we'll take a look at those questions for next week. still to come on "today," more music from two legends and friends, carole king and james taylor. you're sad. you have no energy. maybe you feel guilty or anxious, changes in weight, sleep, and appetite,
9:23 am
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hour, where in the world is tiger quds? the golf season is under way. no sign of the golfer on the fairways. we're going to check out some reports. also coming up, cooking skirt steak latina style. whoa. okay, that's good. [ female announcer ] at the end of the day, a bowl of rice krispies... what do you hear? i hear..."pop." i think it's saying, "night night." [ female announcer ] ...sounds pretty good. all done. good job. mustache. ♪ [ female announcer ] childhood is calling. love to see kids' spirits shine. superstar and mom, martina mcbride and sunnyd shine on sunny taste. sunny spirit. sunny d.
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9:26 is your time now on this wedneay january 20, 2010. inhe news this morning, she had ties to our area and was killed in haiti. now the body of victoria delong has returned to american soil. delong worked with the state department and owned a home in alexandria. last night her casket arrived in los angeles. it was met by a police honor guard. we'll take a break and take a
9:27 am
9:28 am
good morning, some colder air moving in and as that cold air pushes to our south it's triggering a few showers in southern maryland and into parts of spotsylvania and stafford county and slowly drifting to the south. temperatures are in the mid and upper 30s. and we'll have afternoon highs into the low to mid 40s. partly cloudy tonight near 30 tomorrow northern, increasing colloids on thursday, may mix with some snow and sleet. that wintry mix may continue on friday. steve, how's the traffic. >> very heavy and slow. here we are on southbound i-270 near shade bring grove road. an accident was reported in the local lanes and that's on the farthest right, very heavy and slow, hardly moving now to guest past the accident. >> tonight on news4 at 5:00
9:29 am
p.m., roasting your own coffee right in your own kitchen, we'll show you how to get
9:30 am
♪ the hills are alive with the sound of music ♪ indelibly etched in millions of hearts as maria von trapp in 1965's "the sound of music." julie andrews is still on the silver screen. her new movie "the tooth fairy." she'll be here tomorrow to talk about it, along with the rock, dwayne johnson. >> they're an interesting pairing. >> yes, interesting combination. you recreated that moment in the australian alps a couple years ago. look. >> well, that was a silly moment. >> yes. >> we were doing a story about
9:31 am
"the sound of music." but you know, that wasn't the best moment, actually, because not only did we get to twirl and look at aidle vice and all that, but our cameraman, anthony derosa, also did the twirl and he actually did not know that the camera -- so, he was a better sight than me. but it was so fun to be there in the alps. >> i want to hear you sing. >> i think maybe not. anyway, it was a lot of fun. so, julie andrews, i mean, who doesn't love her, really? >> i know, exactly. coming up, another story we've been talking about today -- where is tiger woods? you know, he hasn't been seen since he announced his self-imposed exile from the game. there are rumors that he's now being treated for sex addiction at a famed center in hattiesburg, mississippi. >> and how to dress up without breaking the bank. one outfit you can wear to breakfast, lunch with your girlfriends, a romantic dinner. we'll have a stylist tell us how
9:32 am
to take one dress and make it very useful across the board. >> it's all about the accessories, what you put on with it. >> that's right. plus, in the kitchen, one of the hottest latina chefs around, laura garcia is going to show us how to make latin steak with all of the sides. i can't wait. those are my favorite. >> we'll be up to having a taste test soon. >> exactly. before we get to all that, let's go to al, who's in los angeles covering the rains there that are really dangerous and scary. hey, al. >> hey, guys. that's right, we've gotten some heavy rain right now, but this is nothing compared to what's offshore and waiting to come in later this afternoon. over almost 500 homes have been evacuated, including this one, the constant family home in la canada flintridge. and the mud continues to slide down these mountains because this is just near the location of the station fire from last year, and of course, there's no vegetation to absorb the moisture. and so, the hillsides, the topsoil runs off in the form of mud. so, really rough stuff. let's take a look, see what's happening over the next couple
9:33 am
of days. for today, we're looking at really strong storms along the gulf coast, lower mississippi river valley. could be some ilated tornadoes there. sunshine along the eastern seaboard. icy conditions in the northern mississippi river valley. wet weather up and down the west coast. tomorrow, more rain for the west, heavy rain in southern california. a risk of strong storms in northern florida on into southern georgia and mississippi and alabama. we're looking at sunshine in t good morning, we have had some colder weather moving in this morning as it did punish in triggered some rain showers and passing snow showers and that precipitation now in southern calvert county and northern st. marys and charles county is slowlying lling away. temperatures are above freezing in most of the region. now 38 in washington. highs reaching low 40s to mid 40s.
9:34 am
all right, guys, back to you. >> we miss you, al. >> we want you back here. >> yeah. >> are you coming back tonight? >> i don't know. i'm not coming back tonight, guys. i'm here at least through tomorrow. >> all right, well, listen, you stay dry as much as possible. we miss you here. >> all right. >> miss you guys, too. >> we'll see you, hopefully, tomorrow, al. thank you. coming up next, is tiger woods trying to tame a sex addiction? we're going to check into reports that he's in treatment. . if perfection is what you pursue, this just might change your course. meet the new class of world class. the twenty-ten lacrosse, from buick. may the best car win.
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now to the latest on tiger ods. a new pro golf season is under way and there is still no sign on the fairways of the world's number one golfer. he continues his indefinite leave from the game amid some new reports that he's sought treatment for sex addiction. nbc's ron mott is in hattiesburg, mississippi, with more on this story. hey, ron, good morning. >> reporter: hey, ann, good morning to you. this complex behind me became an instant tourist attraction and paparazzi magnet the very moment it was even mentioned that tiger woods might have checked in, creating a lot of buzz and activity to see if that rumor actually checks out. according to published reports, tiger woods is taking a swing at sex rehab after a parade of women marched on to the front page claiming to have extramarital affairs with the golf superstar. >> these places are incredibly intense. >> reporter: the author of "america anonymous," a "new york times" contributor and recovering sex addict, has
9:39 am
visited the treatment center in mississippi where tiger has reportedly turned for help. >> my sources confirmed what other sources reported over the weekend, including the local nbc affiliate in mississippi, that tiger woods has checked himself into the pine grove treatment center in mississippi. >> reporter: from looks alone, pine grove behavioral health and addiction services sits at the polar opposite of the lavish lifestyle woods is more accustomed to, but experts say the low-key location and highly regarded reputation are precisely what makes it attractive for celebrities like woods, especially considering how difficult therapy can be. >> it's very challenging to recover from sex addiction. it is a -- for many people, it's a lifelong process. >> reporter: much of the prints regarding this latest page-turn in the woods storybook was covered by local tv coverage in jackson, mississippi, in a whimsical odyssey the "associated press" writer chris talbott took readers on, asking where's tiger? >> everybody wants to talk about it. it's just no one has any real
9:40 am
ideas about whether he's there or not. >> reporter: if nothing else, woods has maintained hush-hush privacy since wrecking his cadillac suv in the early-morning hours the day after thanksgiving, but that's not stopped all the chatter about his wife elin and whether she's moved into this florida spread while contemplating divorce about whether alleged mistresses have been paid millions to keep quiet, about whether tiger will resume his chase of jack nicklaus' record number of majors, which tiger is close to tying, tabloids or not. >> they're fun for the general public to look at and everything, but until you see, you know, a little more meat in what they're writing, you just have to take things with a grain of salt. >> reporter: a grain of salt, indeed. there's been a reported sighting of tiger woods on horseback. some people claim to have seen his wife elin looking for a place to rent. so, all this is taken in stride. we can tell you, ann, this morning there's been a heavy police presence at this complex
9:41 am
behind me. back up to you. >> all right. ron mott this morning, thanks, ron. and coming up next, the art of accessorizing. how to change your look from day to night without changing your outfit, coming up right after this. time to get the latte budget under control. [ female announcer ] trying to be smart with the family budget? whooa!!!! [ female announcer ] let bounty help. it's thick and absorbent. in lab tests bounty absorbs twice as much ashe bargain brand. why use more when you can use less? bring it. with bounty. the thick quicker picker-upper. if you did, your mouth will thank you. listerine® doesn't just wake up your senses. it doesn't just put a spring in your step. it's also proven to reduce gingivitis up to 36%.
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9:44 am
mmm. ♪ [ female announcer ] oscar mayer deli fresh meats. sliced, packed and sealed at the peak of freshness, they're impossible to resist. ah, you gonna eat all that? ♪ it doesn't get better than this ♪ i love you. this morning on "today's style," accessories for every occasion. if you're leading a busy life, going from work to a casual lunch to a night out on the town, wouldn't it be great to stay in the very same outfit?
9:45 am
jeannie mai from the style network's "how do i look" is here with different looks, simply by changing your accessories. you call this accessoright. what's that about? >> it's about accessories right so you can leave the office and never come home to appropriately dress for occasions. >> so, you put all the accessories in one bag and you have multiple out nitz there. >> and you never have to go home and change. biggest thing on "how do i look" is people thought they needed time or money f personal style. she knows about it. she's guilty as charged. she was a guest on "how do i look" and nicole thought she needed money to have personal style and i said, no, no, no. with the right accessories, you can dress it up. and was i right? >> yes, you were. >> you have all these accessories to dress nicole up for different occasions. first the work outfit, which we see her in, a more classic, tailored look. >> correct. started with the basic, the lbd, little black dress. >> right. >> and the blazer.
9:46 am
immediately, we take a pop of color with patterns. animal patterns are huge right now, so we threw this on with the scarf you can get for under $10. an ob belt is my favorite, the cinching to give you a form-fitting shape, earrings, of course, and then the signature statement, a little bit of a flower. now, this is a flower that's made by a favorite designer of mine called les jewelry, husband and wife duo. they created this out of recycled leather and metals. so you have a glamorous way to spruce up your outfit. >> and you can take it off. it's not part of the blazer. >> you're jumping ahead of me. >> just wondering. because you want to change the look. >> don't reveal all the secrets yet, nataly. almost there. >> so, the little black dress is the -- >> staple -- >> the key piece that pulls it all together. >> exactly. >> if she wants to make this look more casual. what would you do? . >> okay, so, we're going to take down the work outfit. remember, all this is in the bag. you leave work, going to lunch with the ladies -- >> you have to carry a very big
9:47 am
bag. >> and we all have that. come on, i've seen your bag, natalie. we'll take off the blazer, switch up the hair and throw on a head band -- >> take off the earrings. >> now. the head band, i like the splash of color. >> especially with the black dress. >> yes. we take a signature belt like this. and belts run maybe like $30, $40? this was $5. >> wow. >> you can find it at any target, h&m, forever 21. >> that's great. >> put on a staple, chunky ring, which is staple right now, especially if you're having a ma moccia for lunch. >> i imagine she'll have a few of them. >> exactly. i'm going to have lunch with you, natalie, gosh! >> yeah. so, you carry through, the black and the red. >> exactly. the reason i picked this necklace is because saving money here, i like to invest in more signature pieces. this is a necklace by night light jewelry. it's an organization that supports women that are rescued out of exploited situations in thailand. >> oh, that's great. >> so, here you have a statement necklace. you've invested a piece that means something to you and you put personality in your outfit.
9:48 am
>> you look great. ready for lunch, right? >> lunch with the ladies. >> and hold onto that big black bag because you're going to switch out. let's say you want to switch this look out and carry it out for the evening. >> the evening. >> hot date. >> maybe your husband made reservations for caviar and oysters, husbands out there, come on. what we're going to do is we're going to if you off the belt. >> okay. >> and we are going to switch it up with this necklace instead. let me take this one off. >> that's a big wardrobe change. >> i know, right? we haven't even went home to change for anything now. >> right. >> in the nighttime, i like to bling it up a bi i love bling to frame your face and add a little glitz and glamour. >> beautiful, yep. >> so, this is something that dresses it up immediately. okay? and then we're going to add a bangle, something really easy to accent that pop of color. >> right. >> okay, and then the next thing is, we're bringing business back. do you remember the business -- >> yep, the belt. >> we're going to switch it. buy a reversible belt so you can immediately change the pattern, and hello, always stay on trend
9:49 am
with the animal print. >> okay, and it's a 2 for 1, two belts for one. >> exactly. and natalie, you know how us ladies get cold at night. you get cold easily. >> yes. she knows me so well. >> i don't want to lug around a blanket. so, here we go. we have taken the scarf from business, bringing business back -- and put it on as a pagmina instead. and are you ready for this? we're taking the earrings you had on earlier and we're going to actually clip it onto the shoes -- >> oh. >> so you have a fabulous shoe accessory for the rest of the day. >> there you go. another 2 for 1 use, multipurpose. >> exactly. >> you guys look great. great swapping out her outfits here. good job. >> easy way to show every woman you can look fantastic, exactly like on "how do i look?"
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
>> announcer: "today's kitchen" is brought to you by oscar mayer deli fresh cold cuts. we're on a mission to spread good news. >> "today's hot chef" is heating things up with latin flavor. we have venezuelan born lorna garcia. lorena, good morning to you. >> yes! >> it smells fantastic, and what you've done is you've chosen, basically, skirt steak. >> that's right. well, it is a very latin dish. we serve it with rice, with beans. it's just amazing. what we want to do is bring love, right? >> love. >> because this is what happens in the kitchen, the magic of love right here. >> okay. >> for our friends, for our family. so, this is the skirt steak, okay? and you can see the marbling inside is going to give it flavor, and at the same time, it's a very tender me. >> and you can have the butcher cut it slim if you want for that to happen. >> now, what i would like to do, for example, if i cut it in half and then serve it after it's
9:53 am
cooked, i roll it and serve it -- >> and you'll show us that in a moment. so, just salt and pepper. that's all you do with this. >> salt and paper. the grill has to be hot, guys. it has to be hot. >> really, really hot, right? >> really, really hot. once you start seeing the smoke. we don't need any oil, actually. so, what i do is i put it on the grill and then i start seasoning the other side of the meat, right? >> okay, how long? >> two, three minutes, medium rare. >> a nice look -- look at that. okay, that is nice. >> that is a nice piece of meat, right? >> 13 minutes on both sides. >> i like t serve it medium, medium-rare. now, how about chimmy churi that is very sweet. i take equal parts of sugar, slice the red peppers and i chop them very finally, okay? let me put this right here. so, you chop them very finally. remember that you're only going to lift the elbow of the knife, okay? >> yes, uh huh. >> you know, just cutting technique, okay?
9:54 am
we chop it very finally and then we're going to have capers, garlic, a little bit of onions. so, you want to help me here -- >> capers, garlic, onion. >> garlic, onion -- >> whoa! >> let's go for it parsley, of course. if you don't like parsley, cilantro goes well. i love cilantro. >> who doesn't? >> you either love it or hate it. i love it. >> and this is basically going to be the sauce on top of the steak, is that right? >> yes, now, remember i said equal parts of vinegar and sugar? >> right. >> we're going to take the juice, the vinegar that is a little bit sweet and dump it in there with a little bit of olive oil. >> oh, this is going to be so flavorful. >> you want to taste it? >> i do. this whole bowl? >> yes. >> come on. >> this is how it's going to look, the steaks. >> this is what it's going to look like. >> i'm so excited! >> isn't it? >> come on in here, natalie. >> i can't hold out any longer. i've been waiting all morning for this, for you. >> this is perfect. how do we serve this? >> serve with a little bit of black beans. if you have tostonis, please
9:55 am
have those, which is a green plant. how about a little rice? and then what i'm going to do is grab a little bit of this -- let me grab this. a little bit of this chimichurri sauce right on top. just roll it, don't cut it. >> stop salivating out there. the entire crew is salivating. also, i notice how you
9:56 am
our time now is 9:56 on this
9:57 am
wednesday january 20, 2010. we're following a developing story out of virginia. state police say the gunman wanted for killing eight people has been caught. christopher speight has been caught. officers say he spent the night in the woods and was surrounded by police. police have not said his relationship to the victims but they do say he was acquainted with them. it's time to get a check on the forecast with tom. >> starting off this morning, we have had some passing snow showers and a little bit of sleet, and some rain showers, those are dissipating now, still a couple of rain showers lingering in st. mary's county, and temperatures around the region are all above freezing. and it will climb into the low to mid 40s later on today maybe through sunshine breaking out. partly cloudy tonight, could get some icing in the shenandoah
9:58 am
valley tonight and tomorrow morning. and we could get some icing and maybe some sleet and a little bit of snow mixing in. how's the traffic? >> much better right now, we're going to go back to where we were a few minutes ago on southbound 270 near shady grove road. over to spring field. north and southbound on i-95, there is some work being done in the right lane. back to you. >> steve, thank you.
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey, everybody. it is wednesday, january 20th, 2010. it is national penguin awareness day. >> we want to start you off in a good mood. what better way than to have a couple of penguins waddling around the studio? look at them. they are from africa. is that right? >> that's right. penguins from africa. also known as jack ass penguins. >> that's not nice. >> they can brey like a donkey.
10:01 am
>> you are from the turtleback zoo in new jersey. >> they are named dash and gorby. >> why do wenning wins just make you happy? >> i don't know. >> they just do. >> they just do. >> look what he's doing with his -- >> oh. oh. >> anyway, you know what else it is today? it is my mom's 80th birthday. she's now being released from the hospital. i want to thank everyone for taking care of her and the thought that she is going to be able to sit there mao outside in the sunshine. >> on her birthday. >> have her birthday lunch with her friends. >> she is a sweetheart. >> i'm grateful. >> we should point out we put the cooking segment on our website and it got hit after hit after hit. >> if you missed our -- what was it, it was -- >> christmas eve. >> christmas eve show, your mom was here and my momas here. we cooked. there was very little cooking that took place. however, if you want to laugh today is -- i mean, a side-splitting laugh go to klgs
10:02 am
a >> sometimes it is different when you look at. >> i watched it back this morning. mary had to redo my makeup. hi tears streaming down. >> we have something else that's very important to women in the show. you are going to want to tune in for the segment. there's supposedly a single pair of jean das -- >> "self" magazine there is a single pair of jeans that works for everybody. it is only 60 bucks. we are going to have a bunch of every woman. >> i'm skeptical. i will be honest when we see them. they are coming out in the same pair of jean. >> we are talking curve from sizes 2 to 14, 16. we have the gamut. we have the jeans. >> and you dressed like a penguin today. >> i did. >> that's adorable. there's sad news. more sad news in haiti. god bless these people. aftershock, 6.1 on the richter scale. >> we are not hearing what damage that aftershock has done.
10:03 am
we heard from our crew that they actually were sleeping outside. a lot of people are doing that because they are avoiding buildings and things. there's so much destruction. it is hard to know what else could possibly be destroyed. >> why is it haiti that's getting -- dwis the dominican feeling it? >> a friend of mine is in the cayman islands and they had a small earthquake yesterday. 5.something. they ran outside. there is stuff going on in the caribbean that we need to be -- >> fu >> a fault line. >> there is this piece of video that is so captivati. there was a little boy -- look at th. a boy and his sister were stuck under the rubble for all those days. he gets out of -- the new york firefighters. and rescued him, by the way. he gets up and puts his hands in the air. this kid has been in -- under that rubble for all those days. not drinking or eating. what does he do? can we go from the top again? can we go from just the top of the tape?
10:04 am
he puts his hands back up in the air. look at that. don't you just want to cry for an hour. >> she needs a kleenex. >> i have to tell you, if that doesn't give you hope there's still -- there's still people alive out there and -- i have to say, thanks to all of the scuers from new york and around the country. it is fun to see the new york guys who -- who -- these are some of the same guys busy during 9/11. >> such heroes. such heroes. >> okay. >> on not a lighter note but a different note, scott brown who we never heard of unt two weeks ago has turned the world upside down in massachusetts. totally changed the whole ball game. >> a brand-new senator. >> and he is very cute. >> handsome. hello. >> even with his clothes on he looks good. >> we are saying that because "cosmo" did this shoot of him. >> they named him america's sexiest guy. not recently. it was in-law school.
10:05 am
>> his opponent, miss coakley, was out in front, 30 points a month before the election. >> some say squander. >> what i like about him is -- >> yeah. let me count the way. >> number one, he didn't really have a lot of support from anybody. >> grassroots. >> not even the republican party. think about that seat. you look at that seat and you think you know what, that's a democratic seat. it is not going -- >> anybody would even want to run. >> this guy is not beholden to -- >> anybody. >> let's listen to what he had to say. >> let's do that. >> i will remember, the senate seat belongs to no one person, no one political party. and as i said before, and you heard it today and you will hear it loud and clear, this is the people's seat! i'm scott brown.
10:06 am
i'm from wrentham. i am nobody's senator except yours. i think he's a huge, huge future in politics. huge. >> i think this is really telling to watch that that seat that hasn't been democrat in forever -- good what's the tone, would you say, in washington this morning? the white house. what are they saying? >> i bet they are trying to recorrect sort of -- i think this is one of those wakeup calls that you ow that there's some runnest out there and disapproval but you don't know no the extent of it until you see a blue state like massachusetts go to a republican. wakeup call. >> so many of the people that were interviewed were saying i am a die-hard democrat. irish catholic democrat from massachusetts. and this is the first time in my life i voted other than democrat. you have to pay attention to that. both sides. and i hope that people on the -- on the republicans don't start doing the exactly the same thing
10:07 am
which is, you know, we see sometimes, arrogance. don't gloat, don't anything. bus -- just let the people speak. you know. just let the people speak. >> that's what we do. we let the people speak. >> some people wonder why anyone lets me speak. but i don't know. i don't know. but god bless them. >> okay. >> hoda woman. >> there is a "new york times" blogger out there. his name is andy. he posted this -- it is controversial. he said jennifer aniston, kate hudson, courteney cox, his observation, here is the quote. it is almost criminal to name names because the very actresses whose body mass indexes have been the subject of endless tabloid speculation are the very ones now sporting sexier curves. he says you can definitely see the difference if you concentrated solely on the upper arms. and instead of the barbie doll circumference, there was suddenly amazingly a woman -- to his frames. >> i guess he spent time looking. i don't know too many men that preferred twiggy's body to
10:08 am
marilyn monroe's. >> some women are take thing as an insult. why is he saying they are fat? >> he's not saying that. >> that was the headline. >> people want to make something out of nothing, hoda. >> what would you say if someone said kathie lee looks rounder. >> what most people say about me, i would say i will take that. thank you very much. >> come on. >> i am rounder. >> stop it. >> that's never going to change. >> nicole said i wish that blogger could look at pictures through history and how people -- women used to look and then melissa wrote in, they still need more meat on their bones. how critical. they were very thin still. >> i think they look beautiful. >> i do, too. what's the issue. >> drop-dead gorgeous. >> just because we want you to be in a good mood and we have penguins in the studio. >> the guys in the control room. >> yes. all right. >> you know who i want the look at?
10:09 am
i saw them downstairs. you don't understand. when you say the words -- james taylor and carole king to me, that is the soundtrack of my life. those are my two favorite albums when i was growing up, "sweet baby james" and "tapestry." they are here together and announcing a world tour together which is awesome. >> we also have -- >> backup singers. right there. >> i like that shot. that's the best shot ever. also, you have concerns about the plastic water bottles? >> i never did but i d now. >> there are concerns. we are going to talk about important new information right after this. >> bpa. we will be right back.
10:10 am
10:11 am
10:12 am
you probably heard of the chemical bpa. it can be found in everything from plastic bottles in some food containers to some can a ked ods. >> the fda is now saying bpa has some concerns about the chemical's safety. we have a toxicologist for
10:13 am
consumer's union. a nonprofit publisher of consumer reports. welcome. >> thank you so much. hi. >> it was interesting because let's start off with what the fda said. they originally said it is fine. now they came out with this statement. let's read that to get this clear. t the fda has concerns about bpa based on the results of recent studies. so what's the -- >> then we invited them to come on and this is the statement they gave us what's the issue with bpa? what's the harm? >> it is commendable what the fda did. it is a dramatic reversal of their original position and should be commended for that. their advice we don't feel went far enough. we feel like there is concern around this chemical. it is a petroleum chemical used in lots of different things. lots of clear ha plastics and resin linings in most -- >> what's the problem?
10:14 am
what if we took a t of it in? >> it mimics estrogen. in that way it can disrupt hormonal balances and actually seems to be linked to a wide array of health effects including breast and prostate cancers, obesity, reproductive problems, and cardiovascular risks. it is actually linked to a wide array of things. estrogenic characteristics may be one way. >> if it has those issues why would the fda say -- >> truly concerned. >> a lot of the studies have been done in animals. that is where we start with toxicology studies. we look at animals to see what happens. >> huge amounts as well. right? >> actually, these are at very lower levels. over the last decade we hav seen hundreds of studies come out in animals and now in the last two years, we are starting to see a lot of human studies back up the findings. and that's the crux of the controversy is how much is enough to really take action. >> there are two sides to this. we want to get you tips if you are concerned. let's first get the statement.
10:15 am
this is from the american chemistry council. this is what they say. >> this is the american chemistry council. you don't feel like they have anything monetarily to gain by saying that. >> it is important to note the safety is more than 20 years old. it is not based on all of this emerging new evidence. it is great that the fda is not saying it is safe. they are say theg have some concerns. they need to evaluate the proper pencety. >> new tests will take between 18 and 24 months. in the meantime tell us what -- >> give us the news we can use. >> absolutely. in the meantime, for consumers
10:16 am
that are concerned about this, the fda's offered advice. we have additional advice. the first thing is don't microwave your baby bottles. use alternatives. there's glass. other plastics that you can use. you don't want to heat in plastic in general in the microwave. also, think about minimizing your canned food consumption. we know that this gets into the food. our latest tests of canned foods show that. if you want to mitigate exposures watch out for the plastics you are using to store your food and beverage. >> you say there is a scrape or a -- >> scratch. >> that you should be careful. >> the fda is saying that because we know that bpa leeches more but -- but if you want to take full caution, don't use polycarbonate, clear plastics. >> you can usually find them on the bottom of a product. >> you usually can. >> if it is a clear hard plastic
10:17 am
with no number assume it is bpa. >> thank you. up next, one pair of jeans they say -- who are they? >> they know. >> every body type. hear what the experts would say. thatould be us.
10:18 am
10:19 am
♪ what woman doesn't want to slip on the perfect pair of jeans without having to try to 36 pairs to findthem? >> we are in the dark. we have a lighting problem. we look better that way. according to "self" magazine
10:20 am
your search is over. they found the universal jean that looks on any body type. what are we doing about it? >> we are excited and putting their claim to the test and gave these jeans to seven of our "today" show staffers. they are going to share their thoughts in a minimum. first, let's meet "self" magazine's market editor. >> hi, ladies. >> you went through 600 pair of jean. >> hundreds upon hundreds pairs of jeans. >> what made this unique? >> i mean, really, these are comfortable. they are $60. it is a new york company jean. and it looks great on every single body type. >> we are going to see size 2 to 14. >> you are going to see zero. i'm in a zero. all the way up to 14. >> oh, oh, oh. >> listen, i'm a tall girl. >> she is a tall girl. >> can i tell you something? >> if you are tall and tall women -- it is hard to find jeans that are the right zblenth
10:21 am
oh, oh, oh. >> exactly. >> so sorry! >> drum roll. okay. these are "today" show staffers. everybody out. tell us, you guys -- everyone has different issues. all right. rachel tell us about your issue and your jeans. >> i'm a mom. and i have hips and butt. >> but not as much as you used to have. you lost the baby fat. >> that's good. so it is hard to find something that fits the hips and the waist. >> i love it. these are great. >> do you like -- do you like your jeans? >> love them. >> how do they feel in the legs, the butt? >> they feel great. hug it without constricting the -- >> do they come up to your waist? low rider. >> excuse me. >> what do you think of yours? >> i love my jeans. usually they fit around the hip. they are too big around the waist in the back but these fit nicely. >> you are teeny.
10:22 am
all right. who else is up here? michelle, michelle. tell us what you think. >> i have baby fat from the kids. >> you look good. >> you don't do the low cuts because of the belly. you know, besides a little bit of a gap back here -- >> turn around. >> turn around a second. >> laura, turn around. these jeans look cute in the butt. >> do you like yours? >> i do like mine. >> flattering. >> so so far five. five. >> do you like them? >> yes. >> what's the best part of them n. >> i'm not a mom and i have hips. and i usually -- when i have jeans that fit my butt when i like kneel down, they come down with me. and these don't bunch. >> you all look great. >> 60 bucks. you would buy these jeans? >> yes. i am buying them. >> did you bring us a pair? have you 600 of them but no. >> i have two pair waiting for both of you. >> it is amazing.
10:23 am
are they available all around the country? >> they are. new york and company online. you can findhem in all of the stores. 60 bucks. premium flare jeans. >> ladies, you look so pretty. now we are going to show you different looks. right? >> yes. we are basically going to take you from work to evening to casual. >> all right. >> weekends. >> same jeans. >> in the same exact jeans. >> tell us what this first look is. >> our first look is katherine. this is her wear-to-work look. you want to wear something that shows her personal style that is still appropriate for corporate environment. lmn blazer for $39. it is two for one. the neck slas a part of the top. >> love it. tell bus the next look. >> the next look here, we have nicole. this is the meet the parents look. you want to look your best. make an amazing first impression. and this is it. she is an in anne klein cardigan. >> that's cute. >> right on trend. you don't want to look like
10:24 am
someone from a 1940s sitcom. you don't want to be ultra conservative and you still want to be yourself. and radiate confidence. our next model is lauren. she looks fabulous. >> we know lauren. >> she is in our girls night out look. this is where you can be bold with the accessories and have fun. bcbg sexy black top. our last model is my mother, doris. amazing in a casual weekend look. it is a gray sweater paired with a beautiful scarf. >> adorable. >> she is tall and size zero, too. >> you did great. right back with carole king after this.
10:25 am
10:26 am
ahead on news4 midday, the party crashers are heading to the hearing. those stories and more coming up on news4 midday.
10:27 am
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10:30 am
♪ you just call out my name ♪ >> we are back. a couple of amazing musicians. very few writers and performers still going strong four decades after their deb. carole king and james taylor are definitely two of them. they are just getting started. >> they are. they have the close your eyes music. you want to close your eyes and feel it. combined ten grammys. the duo is about to embark on a tour together for the first time in 40 years. >> wow. >> carole king. >> what made you decide to embark on this journey together?
10:31 am
>> we -- we have known a long time we wanted to do it because we -- it was such a great time and such a great band. and so, you know, every time carole and i would bump into each other, we would say what are we going to do it? we ought to get back out there. time is wasting. you know, we finally -- used the -- there is a club in los angeles called the trubadore. carole and i and a lot of other people got their start there. they were having 50th anniversary. and we played a series of gigs. benefit gigs at the trubadore where sort of going back to the source, back to the well, for us with danny and lee and russ from the original band. yeah. d it was so great. we had such a wonderful time that we -- we just determined we -- that was a couple of years
10:32 am
ago. we -- we got -- we got serious about it. >> how long will the tour be and how many stops will you mick? like a year? >> it will be -- it will start -- >> keeps growing. >> it keeps growing. it will start in australia in march. and then we are going to come back and then we will kick off the american leg in portland, beginning of may. >> check your local list. >> check our websites. >> how do you get along on the road? what will that be like? >> we are not married. >> which is the point. we will get along great. >> that's why it works so well. >> seriously, we -- every time we -- you know, get together and we play together and everything, we are reminded we have always shared a common sensibility, common value for so many things. so we, you know if we ever have nice disagreements we talk them through to where we are
10:33 am
comfortable. i think it is going to be joy. >> it will be. audience -- >> go crazy. >> madison square garden sold out li that. they are adding another one. we will be at that one. okay. if we -- >> definitely. you guys have other projects. you are not just singing. you are both very busy doing other things. carole, have you a near and dear project to your heart. >> two that i mentioned. one is the book i have been working on since 2000. and i'm writing it all myself. >> ticktock. >> no kidding. on my off days. >> down time on the road. >> absolutely. the other project is northern rockies ecoprotection act that's a bipartisan bill and it will protect the northern rockies. a lot of it as wilderness. >> we are all for bipartisan bills around here. >> no kid. >> james, you are working to help the folks in haiti. a lot of help out there. >> yes. there is a great organization that has been getting a little bit of attention recently. called partners in health that
10:34 am
was -- it is supported by the brigham and women's hospital in boston. but they are on the ground in haiti doing the work that needs to be done right now. and they really could use some support. we -- there's a sort of community effort that was put together by my wife, kim, and a lot of people in the area we live in the berkshire. >> a woman in church sunday spoke for them and was saying their 20 facilities were not damaged. so they are sound and doing well. we wish you guys all the best. thank you for not retiring. >> stay with us. >> best regard. >> >> these guys are going to sing a song for us. we can't wait. but first, we are going to find out how well you know your musicals. a game show. >> i rather sing with them. after this.
10:35 am
10:36 am
10:37 am
10:38 am
♪ we are back with another edition of "who knew" quiz show. we are going to see how much you know about movie musicals. kathie lee, who knows about a lot of those, across the street at the digital cafe. she is going to show the crowd a short movie clip before asking them to name the movie. if you get the question right you will get $100. if you don't, you get her cd. okay. we have insight into noteworthy films. how do you think the folks will do, allison? >> i was here recently. they got them all right. i think this week it is trickier, harder ones in there. kathie lee may be giving away her cd. >> i want her to sing. go, kath. >> this lovely young laidy from richmond, virginia. gene kelly, acts, sings, dances in this musical that shows the rise of talking pictures in the 1920s. let's take a look.
10:39 am
♪ the clouds chase ♪ everyone from the place ♪ come on with the rain ♪ have a smile on my face >> "singing in the rain." >> she got it. >> we hear that she got it right. >> "singing in the rain." you would think that song was written for this film. it wasn't. it was written in for a stage review and fourth film it is used in. this is the film that made it famous. when gene kelly made that scene, when he recorded that scene, he apparently fever of 103 but did it in one take. >> no! >> blocks camera movement, one take. >> that's a professional. back across to kath. >> where are you from? >> columbus, ohio. >> this movie brings to life the music and lyrics of dozens of classic beatles songs. let's watch. ♪ ♪ i want you
10:40 am
♪ i want you so badly >> and that's? >> i want to say "sergeant pepper." i don't know. i don't know. >> no. you are just -- hey! hey! she's going to win anyway! >> yeah. >> this is one might trip people up. i love this film. paul mccartney and ringo loved the star, too. she took 30 batles songs and scripted a film around it. called the characters after names of songs, jude, lucy, sadie. it is fabulous and creative and inventive. i highly recommend it. >> back across to kath. >> lexington, kentucky. set in the 1930s in berlin. this film with liza minnelli's
10:41 am
breakout role. nightclub singer sally bowles. you will get this one. ♪ >> all three of you say it at the same time. >> "cabaret." >> that's it. ♪ cabaret ♪ old chum >> very popular. one of my favorite films. gene kelly actually turned this down to direct which maybe he regretted because bob fosse went on to win an oscar for it. it won eight oscars but not best picture. "godfather" won it. the trademark hat and gloves of bob fosse, he went bald at 17 and hated his hair. that's how it became like this icon. >> who knew. all right. back across kath. >> beautiful family from north carolina. they are so adorable.
10:42 am
okay. this disney musical stars a heroine to save her father. her country she saves also. ♪ when are may reflection shine who i am ♪ >> "mulan. zblts that's right. there you go. my friend david ziffle. >> wow. >> fabulous lyrics. >> did he really? excellent. >> i thought that was a trickier one, too. it is not one of the huger disney films. christina aguilera recorded that song. it is a song that launched her record deal. it got her a record deal. it was the first for a lot with disney, first one to openly depict warfare in a disney animation. >> you are full of interesting facts. allison, thank you so much.
10:43 am
kathie lee will come back across street. coming up next why this 10-year-old girl could create major competition for your favorite burger joint. she is cooking up burgers after this.
10:44 am
10:45 am
10:46 am
10:47 am
we are back in "today's kitchen." saucy for a recipe for sweet and juicy beefburger. >> 10-year-old emma isawarded the top prize at red robin cook-off. she is about to show us her prize-winning honey glazed bacon burger. >> hello. >> how are you? >> good. >> you beat out a lot of kids. how many kids did you beat? >> 11,000 entries. >> stop it! >> did you ever think you would win? >> well, at first, my mom said well, half of the presentation is all of it. and i have good presentation. >> yes, you do. >> personality. >> show us how to make
10:48 am
thisburger. >> the first thing we are going to do is make spicy honey. you take one to two teaspoons cayenne pepper. and then you mix this all together. >> who taught you how to cook, emma? >> my mom did. >> okay. got . okay. >> then you add mayonnaise to it? how much? >> well, actually you are going to pour about half of the honey into the mayonnaise. >> half of it. >> half. the other half will be for glazing the burger. >> what do the kids at school think of you? >> they are really, really, really excited for me. >> they are jealous. they are so jealous, emma. >> stir that up. do you need another spoon? what about this one? >> okay. thank you. >> you're welcome. she is so polite. so polite, too. >> it is all presentation. >> mix that up. >> secret is in the sauce. a burger is a burger. >> yeah. >> burger in here. i don't want to cook it too long. should i take this one out? >> no. one sec. we are going to take some
10:49 am
seasoning salt. >> okay. >> on the other one. >> yeah. >> okay. >> now we are going to glaze the burger. >> glaze it. >> she knows what she is doing. >> walk on down here. >> look how tall she is. she is such a tall -- >> this would be to taste. right? some people like lots of stuff onit. >> yeah. >> careful. don't burnour fingers. >> yeah. >> okay. >> how long do you let that marinate? >> we can just take it off. >> what's that? >> havarti cheese. >> bacon, too n. >> month. put that on later. >> there you go. >> now what? >> 30 seconds. let's go down here. >> shall we taste it? >> where does this go, down here? >> down here. now we are going to take -- >> just have about 20 seconds. put some of that sauce on there.
10:50 am
and i will put this on here. >> how do you get your mouth around that burger? that thing is huge. >> it is pretty hard. yeah. >> she is so cute. >> we are going to taste them during commercial break and let everybody know. i have a feeling it will be awesome. >> we are so excited. >> james taylor and carole king are going to sing
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
this burger is so delicious it is gone. >> her mom is right over there. >> we will leave you with this wonderful special performance. >> carole king and james taylor. enjoy. "will you love me tomorrow." will you, hoda? >> i don't know. >> have an awesome day.
10:54 am
completely ♪ ♪ you give your love so sweetly ♪ ♪ tonight the light of love is in your eyes ♪ ♪ will you love me tomorrow ♪ tomorrow ♪ tonight with words unspoken
10:55 am
one ♪ but will my heart be broken ♪ when the night ♪ when the night >> ♪ meets the morning sun ♪ i'd like to know that your love ♪ ♪ is a love that can ♪ is a love i can be sure of
10:56 am
♪ so tell me now ♪ and i won't ask again ♪ will you still love me tomorrow ♪ ♪ will you still love me tomorrow ♪ ♪ baby will you still love me tomorrow ♪ ♪ tomorrow ♪ will you still love me tomorrow ♪
10:57 am
[ applause ]
10:58 am
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